Raw Honey Garlic Lemon Shots: A Simple Recipe To Supercharge Your Immune System

One criticism often received by recipes involving cooked onions, garlic and other alliums is that the heating process destroys much of the allicin that leads to its protective effects. While this is partially true, knowing how to optimize garlic before eating it raw or cooked will maximize garlic enzymes and give them the best chance to survive meal preparation. I’ll share a very simple recipe to use regularly during the cold and flu season that will supercharge your immune system.

With their unique combination of flavonoids and sulfur-containing nutrients, allium vegetables–such as garlic–belong in your diet on a regular basis. There’s research evidence for including at least one serving of an allium vegetable–such as garlic–in your meal plan every day. If you’re choosing garlic as your allium family vegetable, try to include at least 1/2 clove in your individual food portion. If you’re preparing a recipe, you should use at least 1-2 cloves.

Washington State University showed that garlic is 100 times more effective than antibiotics at fighting disease causing bacteria commonly responsible for foodborne illness. Its anti-viral potency is perhaps even more effective.

Allicin, one of garlic’s most highly valued sulfur compounds–stays intact for only 2-16 hours at room temperature when it is present in purified (extracted) form. But when it’s still inside of crushed garlic, allicin will stay viable for 2-1/2 days.

If you give your chopped/crushed garlic time to sit before changing its temperature (through cooking) or its pH (through the addition of acidic food like lemon juice), it will give the alliinase enzymes in garlic an opportunity to work on behalf of your health. For example, in the absence of chopping or crushing, research has shown that just 60 seconds of immediate microwaving will cause garlic to lose some of its cancer-protective properties.

Before cooking or adding chopped garlic to lemon juice, let it sit for at least 10-15 minutes to maximize its potency. The following recipe has minimal preparation time and maximum benefits to your health, especially during cold and flu season. I call them shots because they’re a cocktail of beneficial immune boosting constituents inside a lemon half that you can eat in just a few bites. My recommendation is to have one or two of these per day during peak flu activity when viral transmission is at its highest (usually Jan-Mar).

Raw Honey Garlic Lemon Shots

1 lemon (preferably organic) 1-2 cloves of garlic (depends on size of cloves) 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper 1 tablespoon of honey (preferably Manuka but at least Raw)

Step 1 – Cut a lemon in halves

Step 2 – Squeeze all the lemon juice out of one half and place in a small bowl. Keep the half you extracted the juice from for Step 6 (store the other half for later use)


Step 3 – Chop the garlic and it let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Then add it to the lemon juice with the cayenne pepper.


Step 4 – Add the honey to the mix and stir all ingredients well.


Step 5 – Pour the entire mixture back into the lemon half (which you extracted the juice from in Step 2).


Consume the finished product in its entirety including all the lemon pulp. Hold it in your hand and cup it as if you’re holding a fruit. Repeat recipe in 4 hours with the other lemon half.


Viruses hate this information, so spread the word.

Credits: http://www.whydontyoutrythis.com/2013/07/raw-honey-garlic-lemon-shots-a-simple-recipe-to-supercharge-your-immune-system.html

How To Treat Droopy Eyelids Naturally. The Results Are Amazing!

Saggy and droopy eyelids can be really frustrating. They make you look more tired, old, and you cannot apply makeup like you suppose to. Generally, for most people the droopy eyelids are a natural result of aging, but they can also appear as a result of a nerve damage, disease, or an injury.

People have found an easy and cheap homeremedy that consists of a single egg.

The little shelled ovals have been utilized in beauty treatments for thousands of years.They have been utilized in preventing acne and dark spots, relieving scars,eliminating blackheads, as a hair mask, as a hydrating skin mask, and to tighten the skin around the eyes. This is what to do:

  • Firstly, you should remove all your makeup and pat it dry.
  • Remove the yolk from the egg.
  • –In order to easily separate an egg, crack it onto a plate. Take an empty water bottle, remove the cap, squeeze a bit of air out, and after that use it to suck up the
    Use a cotton swab to apply the egg whites on the eyelids.
  • *You should do this very carefully in order to prevent it from entering into your eyes.
  • Keep your eyes closed until the egg whites are completely dry.
  • At the end, wash it off and pat dry.

Credits: http://www.healthtipsportal.com/treat-droopy-eyelids-naturally-results-amazing/

Put This Inside Your Mouth And Say Goodbye To Toothache Within Seconds!

Toothache can be really frustrating and painful, especially if a nerve is damaged. However, toothache can occur because of several other reasons like teeth infections, gum issues, plaque, dental decay, injuries, cracked teeth, bad crowns and fillings, loss of a tooth, temporomandibular joint TMJ issues, sleep apnea, etc.

A lot of people reported that the one of the worst pain is toothache. The ache is so hard and unbearable that you stop doing everything and your mood deteriorates. Moreover, there is also the starving, as you are unable to properly chew in those moments.

The best option is to consult your dentist so that the problem is treated immediately. However, toothache can occur all of a sudden, for example, in the middle of the night when every dental practice is closed, or when you are on the road, travelling. Don’t worry, as there is a remedy that you can make on your own and treat the toothache.


½ tsp of clove powder

½ tsp of coconut oil


Put both of the ingredients in a glass and mix them until you get a paste. Then, apply the paste onto your aching tooth and the gums as well. You need to repeat the procedure 3 times per day.

This remedy successfully treats toothache due to the eugenol in clove powder. Clove acts as an analgesic while coconut has an antibacterial effect.

In case of a surprising toothache, you can always prepare this remedy!

Credits: http://www.healthtipsportal.com/put-this-inside-your-mouth-and-tell-bye-to-toothache-within-seconds/

8 Uses Of Baking Soda For Skin And Hair Care

Almost every person wants to look beautiful in order to attract people’s attention. Therefore, we tend to spend a lot of money on cosmetics and cosmetic treatments. However, most of the time, they don’t yield significant results.

One solution is to turn to natural remedies for improvement of the hair, skin, and teeth. One of these natural remedies is baking soda, present in almost every household. This product can do wonders for your looks!

What’s more, it’s easily affordable. Take a look at several things which baking soda can do for you:

Exfoliates the skin

Baking soda is excellent for your skin. Hence, a lot of experts recommend it as an exfoliator for successful removal of dead skin cells and dirt. You will need to mix 1 part water with 3 parts baking soda and then apply the mixture on the wanted skin area. Afterwards, rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer.

Hair cleanser

Mix one spoon of baking soda with your shampoo and then apply it onto your hair by gently massaging it into the scalp. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes and then rinse off the hair.

Elbows and knees moisturizer

In winter, the elbows and the knees can become dry. One solution is baking soda which can moisturize them properly. Put some baking soda in your moisturizer and then massage the dry areas to remove the rough edges.

Softens the hands

You need to make a paste from some baking soda and some water. Then, apply it onto your hand

Teeth whitener

Baking soda has proven to be more effective in teeth whitening than any other commercial products for this purpose. Mix some baking soda, a bit of salt, and water. Use this mixture on a regular basis as a tooth paste. Additionally, you can also gargle with the solution to prevent bad breath.

Odor neutralizer

Put some baking soda in any place in your home where you want to eliminate odors. Moreover, you can also use it to eliminate armpits odor. You need to mix some baking soda and water and apply the mixture onto your underarms. Also, baking soda can be used as a scrub to remove tiny black spots which develop as a result of the use of antiperspirants and deodorants.

Acne treatment

Baking soda is excellent for treatment of pimples and blackheads. Mix some baking soda with lemon juice and then apply the mixture onto the affected areas. Do this treatment at night as the lemon juice can damage the skin when exposed to sunlight.

Soothes the feet

Baking soda relaxes the feet and removes any dead skin cells. Mix 3 tbsp of baking soda and some water in a big container and then soak your feet in it. With this mixture, your feet will be soft and healthy.

Credits: http://www.healthtipsportal.com/8-uses-of-baking-soda-for-skin-and-hair-treatment/

12 Cancer-Causing Products Found In Your Home!

Due to the rapid technology development and the overall advancement of the society, our lifestyles have changed significantly. Unfortunately, not all of these changes have been positive as we are constantly exposed to toxins and chemicals through consumption of genetically modified foods and through the polluted air we breathe.

To be even worse, in most of the cases, we aren’t even aware that the products we use daily are harmful, since the labels often don’t show that. In case you didn’t know, these 12 products are cancer-causing and you probably have them at home. Take a look:

  • Whole milk ( Lucerne or Borden)

There are toxic ingredients in this product and they are: antibiotics which contribute to resistance and allergies, heptachlor which is a carcinogenic, xenoestrogen, and neurotoxic element which causes reproductive toxicity, dieldrin- a xenoestrogen and a carcinogenic substance, hexachlorobenzene, a neurotoxic element which causes reproductive toxicity and it is carcinogenic, DDT a carcinogenic and a xenoestrogen, and IGF-1 and rBGH which cause breast, colon, and prostate cancer.

  • Household products- Ajax Cleanser, Palmolive, Colgate

Crystaline Silica is present in Ajax Cleanser. This is a toxic ingredient which is not listed on the label. What’s more, it can cause lung, eye and skin irritation, and cancer. In 1994, The Material Safety Data Sheet proved that this ingredient is toxic.

  • VO5 Hair conditioner

It contains FD&C RED which can trigger cancer, also, a fragrance which can cause dermatitis, formaldehyde which is neurotoxic, carcinogenic, and can cause dermatitis, as well as polysorbate 80 which is poisoned with p-dioxane.

  • Flea Collar by Zodiac

Porpoxur is a labeled toxic ingredient found in this product. It’s neurotoxic and carcinogenic.

  • Talc Powder

Talc is the harmful ingredient which causes ovarian cancer and lung irritations.

  • Toothpaste-Crest

This product is filled with DD&C BLUE and Saccharin, which are carcinogenic, and Fluoride-a potential carcinogenic.

  • Foundation Make-up Cover Girl

This product contains labeled toxins like Parabens which cause dermatitis, triethanolamine which leads to carcinogenic nitrosamines when combined with nitrites, talc which causes cancer and lung irritation, a fragrance which may lead to dermatitis, Bha-a carcinogenic ingredient, and lanolin which is poisoned with DDT and carcinogenic pesticides.

  • Beef Frankfurters

This product contains a lot of toxic ingredients like hormones-feminizing and carcinogenic, antibiotics which can lead to drug resistance or allergies and are also carcinogenic, hexachlorobenzene which is teratogenic, carcinogenic, and neurotoxic, lindane which stops formation of blood cells, and which is carcinogenic and neurotoxic, benzene hexachlorid which is carcinogenic, DDT which is carcinogenic and a xenoestrogen, heptachlor which is carcinogenic, neurotoxic, a xenoestrogen, and a reproductive toxin, dachtal which is an irritant, a strong sensitizer, carcinogenic, and might contain dioxin, dieldrin which is carcinogenic and a xenoestrogen, and nitrite which might cause cancer in children when mixed with heterocyclic amines.

  • Disinfectant Spray-Lysol

This product is filled with OPP which is carcinogenic and leads to irritation.

  • Clairol Nice & Easy, a permanent hair color

It contains fragrance which causes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma, other types of cancer, and dermatitis, Propane-1, 2-diol which is known to cause dermatitis, phenylenediamine which causes contact dermatitis and it is carcinogenic as well, Quartenium-15 which is neurotoxic, a sensitizer, carcinogenic, and releases formaldehyde, and diethanolamine or DEA which creates carcinogenic nitrosamine when mixed with nitrite ions.

  • Weed killer Ortho

Sodium 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetate is a toxic compound which is a reproductive toxin and carcinogenic. It can cause soft tissue sarcoma, lymphoma, and other cancer types.

  • Heavy Duty Cleaner

Crystalline silica is an unlabeled ingredient which is carcinogenic and it can lead to skin, lung, and eye irritation.

Credits: http://www.healthtipsportal.com/12-cancer-products-you-have-home/

5 Reasons Why Health Insurance Should Be A Part Of Your Health Planning

Reasons Why Health Insurance Should Be A Part Of Your Health Planning

Health has two aspect, prevention and treatment. While is it always recommended to adopt preventive measures to wade off diseases or perhaps reduce its onset, there are time wherein despite best effort individuals can take ill. Thanks to progression in medical science, treatment has become quite advanced and today we have cure for the most serious illnesses. However, the cost of treatment is very high and owing to this, several families reach the abyss of financial breakdown and strive to find the best treatment facility for loved ones.

All this leads to immense economic burden across sectors and fraction of the society. This is why health insurance policies are becoming an inherent need of time. Irrespective of one’s age and financial disposition, health insurance is important for the following 5 reasons –

You can avail the best medical facility

Most health insurance providers like HDFC ERGO have tie-up with highly reputed hospitals and multi-specialty clinics. Therefore, even if you or your loved one is diagnosed with a serious ailment, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of treatment if you own a comprehensive health plan. Additionally, several health insurance companies have started offering preventive healthcare packages as part of health insurance scheme.

These schemes allow the policy holder to undergo preventive health checkup without having to worry about high expenses involved in such screenings. The scheme offers concession of diagnostic procedures, X-rays, consultation etc. In short, health insurance policies are not only beneficial for treatment of diseases, but also play an integral role in preventing them.

Your entire family stays protected in face of a medical emergency

The family floater health insurance policy is a dedicated medical insurance product that is designed for the health needs of a family. Therefore, each and every member of a family is covered by a single policy.

The biggest advantage of a family floater plan is that the entire sum insured amount can be used for the treatment of a single family member. This is because it is highly unlikely situation wherein two family members are diagnosed with a serious condition at a given time. Since, the sum insured for a family health plan is higher; you are assured of the best medical treatment for your entire family.

You get maternity benefit, if you are planning to expand your family

These days newly married couple wait for at least 3 to 4 years before they decide to become parents. Bringing up a child in today’s world is an expensive undertaking. Right from paying hospitalization fees post and prenatal care can incur huge expenses. But, if you have a health insurance plan that offers maternity benefits you will not have to worry about such things. However, it is important to remember that health insurance policies that offer maternity benefits usually have a waiting period. Subject to variation, the waiting period is usually between 4-5 years.

Therefore, prudence calls that you should take a health insurance scheme immediately after marriage. This way you not only avail health insurance benefits as a couple, but will also be useful when you finally decide to expand your family.

Your health insurance policy continues to offer cover even after retirement

You may be covered by your corporate health insurance policy, however if you own an individual health scheme you can avail its benefits even after retirement. Group or corporate health plan stops offering any benefits once you retire. However, if you have an individual health plan, then you continue to enjoy health coverage. Some, insurance companies have started offering lifetime renewal options, which means that you don’t have to worry about health expenditure post retirement.

However, this benefit of health insurance policy can only be enjoyed by those you have procured a health plan at an early age. Therefore, health insurance policies not only take care of health needs of the present, but also in the future.

You get coverage against critical ailments

Critical illnesses like cancer, paralysis, and cardio-vascular diseases are not only life altering, the high cost of treatment and management of these ailments are a resource hungry affair. Thankfully, with critical illness plans, policy holder can get relief from the high cost involved in the treatment of these diseases.

For all practical concern, health insurance policy is an essential part of health insurance planning. A lot of people who do not believe in taking health insurance policy feel that it is an unnecessary expenditure and that they are healthy enough to be not strike down by an illness. But the rationale of health insurance is that one must take the policy when they not need one. This way the premium of your policy will be less, at the same time, you may be healthy today, but no only can predict the future. Therefore, it’s always better to be prepared for the unexpected.

8 Fantastic Ways You Can Conquer Motion Sickness Successfully


Image: Shutterstock

Before you set out for a long journey, it is necessary to avail car insurance, which is a mandate by law. And to take care of any kinds of uncalled medication costs, a health insurance policy is recommended. Apart from this, there are a few things that need to be considered before you hit the road.

A long journey may not always be fun. Headache, nausea, sweating and belching might bother some of you, but the major damper to your excitement will be motion sickness which is quite common. Though not an illness as such, it may curb your enthusiasm to travel.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Not only will these easy steps take care of motion sickness with immediate effect, but they might also help conquer it for good!

1. Take the Wheel

You might be surprised, but when you sit in the driver’s seat, you are less prone to motion sickness. This could be on account of the fact that the brain uses all its motor commands to control the car and predict movement.

But if driving is not your thing, pick the front seat instead. If there is no option but to sit in the back seat, engage in conversation and distract yourself. At all costs, avoid reading!

2. Curb the Consumption

You must watch what you consume before you hit the road. Make sure you avoid drinking alcohol or smoking. Also, avoid eating too much food. Foods that have a strong smell, or that are heavy and spicy, must be off the radar if you want to keep motion sickness at bay.

3. You Must Equalize Those Sensory Cues

While traveling by car, you must fix your gaze at a fixed point or the horizon. This will enhance the sensory congruence, and you will feel less queasy.

4. Talk yourself into believing otherwise

Studies say that when you tell yourself that you won’t get sick during travel, and combine this ‘verbal placebo’ with breathing techniques, you will be able to calm down and feel better.

5. Take on Some Desensitizing

Indulge in activities that make you nauseous on the road. For example, if reading a book makes you uneasy, read for five minutes, put the book down, and then read again after five minutes. Slowly increase the time frequency. Over time, your body will get used to the activity, and it will help you minimize or completely get rid of motion sickness.

6. Ginger – A Savior

Studies show that ginger works wonders in cancelling out motion sickness. It is an excellent preventive measure. Pop in about 2 grams of ginger before you sit in the car. But if you are on blood thinning medication, do consult your doctor before you try this remedy.

7. Stay In Touch With the Pressure Points

There are a few points, which alternative therapies suggest you to work on if the pressure of impending motion sickness is looming in your head. It will do no harm, so it is well worth a try. Massaging the middle inner side of the forearm is said to relieve nausea and indigestion. Massaging your kneecaps, or lightly rubbing the area under your earlobes should also comfort you.

8. Only If All Else Fails – Medicate

If nothing works, you can finally run to the chemist and pick up an over-the-counter pill. Make sure you have it 30-60 minutes before you head out. It will sedate you, and you will probably sleep through the drive. However, this should truly be the last resort.

Be adventurous! Live it up to the fullest. Life is too short to be bogged down by something as trivial as motion sickness. Once you have made up your mind, these remedies should help!

20 Reasons Why You Should Eat An Entire Avocado Every Day

Without a doubt, avocado is a lot of people’s favorite fruit, and this isn’t the case with Americans only, but with people from many other countries as well. This tasty fruit contains a lot of nutrients and so it offers numerous health benefits.

Additionally, numerous studies have shown that people who consume avocados regularly have lower Body Mass Index and better nutrient intake when compared to those who don’t eat avocados frequently. Take a look at some of the best benefits of avocado consumption:

  • Healthy fats

Avocados are rich in good fats-monounsaturated ones. They reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and bad cholesterol levels.

  • Weight loss

According to a study published in the Nutrition Journal, ½ avocado with lunch can be of great help for overweight individuals as it keeps you satiated for a longer period of time. According to the participants in the study, they had 40% lesser desire for eating for more than 3 hours and 28% lesser desire for eating 5 hours after a meal.

  • Blood pressure

As stated by the American Heart Association, a diet which contains natural sources of potassium can help in the control of blood pressure.

Avocados have plenty of potassium. However, as avocados are high in fats, minimize your fat intake from other foods so that you can balance the fat levels.

  • Cholesterol levels

Statistically speaking, 1 in 3 American adults suffer from problems related to high cholesterol levels which only double the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, there are natural ways to lower high cholesterol levels.

Hence, studies have shown that regular consumption of avocado is an excellent way to decrease cholesterol levels. Avocado has the amazing power to lower blood triglycerides and cholesterol levels, as well as to lower LDL cholesterol levels and to increase HDL levels.

  • Rich in nutrients

Avocados have an abundance of nutrients and each serving has more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Through consumption of one avocado you intake the following recommended daily values: 33% of vitamin C, 21% of vitamin E, 26% of vitamin B6, 53% of vitamin K, 19% of copper, 41% of folate, 28% of potassium, and 28% of pantothenic acid.

  • Absorption of nutrients

The amount of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals isn’t restricted; however, what is important is that the nutrients are properly absorbed. These nutrients are fat-soluble and this means that they need fat in order for the body to assimilate them. Some of them are vitamin A, E, K, D, and some antioxidants.

By adding ½ avocado to salads with carrots, spinach, and lettuce, you absorb 8.3 times the antioxidant alpha-carotene, 13.6 times beta-carotene, and 4.3 times lutein.

  • Prevention of diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at one point in our lives, diabetes is going to affect around 40% of people in USA. In order to minimize this risk, you must balance your blood sugar levels. One study showed that participants who were given ½ avocado with their lunch, and had their insulin and blood glucose levels checked at intervals, raised their carb and calorie intake, but showed no increase in the blood sugar levels, unlike those who didn’t consume an avocado with lunch.

  • Pain relief

Avocado extracts can be of great help in the reduction of arthritis symptoms. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, avocado soothes the pain and ache caused by arthritis and other inflammatory-based aches.

  • Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is believed to cause most of the modern-age diseases like asthma, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. A lot of studies associated oleic acid and reduction of inflammation. Avocados are rich in this acid, which is also found in olive oil.

  • Eye health

Macular degeneration is one of the leading causes for blindness in the USA. Zeaxanthin and lutein are two ingredients that have been found to have a positive effect in the fight against this condition.

Foods which have a high level of phytonutrients contain a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin. As studies have shown, avocado is the best source of lutein and it also has a high level of zeaxanthin.

  • Pregnancy

As stated by What to Expect, avocado is one of the most important foods for pregnant women. It is rich in vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, and potassium. Hence, vitamin B6 is crucial for the baby’s tissue and brain development. Moreover, it also alleviates the morning sickness. Folate is needed for healthy development of the fetus in the early stages of the pregnancy.

  • Anti-carcinogenic

According to a study, avocado may be helpful in inhibiting or stopping prostate cancer cell growth. Another study pointed out that avocados can be significant in the reduction of chemotherapy side effects.

  • Bone health

Avocados are rich in vitamin K, folate, copper, and numerous other nutrients. When regularly consumed, avocados help in the building and maintenance of strong bones.

  • Digestion

Avocados keep the digestive system working smoothly. A single avocado has 13 grams fiber which is 54% of the daily recommended fiber.

  • Mood improver

According to several studies, there is a connection between potassium and depression. With the help of scientific studies, it was found that depressed patients suffered from low potassium levels. What’s more, a study from 1993 pointed out that the depressed patients showed low levels of potassium compared to the healthier subjects. All in all, scientists agree that folate is crucial if you want to avoid symptoms of depression and low mood.

Credits: http://www.healthtipsportal.com/20-reasons-eat-whole-avocado-every-day/

Grow Back Your Receding Gums With The Help Of These Natural Remedies

The gums are the soft tissue which covers the root of the tooth and keeps it in place. However, when the gum tissue’s margin around the tooth wears away or pulls back, gum recession occurs, and the tooth becomes more visible.

Gum recession causes the formation of gaps or pockets between the teeth and they become the perfect surrounding for bacteria. The more visible the teeth are the more painful and sensitive they become. Hence, the supporting tissue and the bone structure can get damaged and lead to tooth loss.

Usually, people tend to neglect this rather serious problem since it develops gradually. Nonetheless, knowing its symptoms is crucial if you want to treat the problem timely and successfully.

Teeth sensitivity is the first sign of gum recession. Additionally, if you notice that a tooth has increased its size, you need to consult your dentist. Other frequent symptom is toothache.

Gum recession can sometimes develop as a result of some gum disease or some other problems like:

  • Poor oral hygiene- plaque deposits on the teeth if you don’t brush them regularly. Consequently, calculus, a hard substance which causes gum recession, will be formed.
  • Aggressive brushing- it can lead to damaged enamel and gum recession.
  • Periodontal diseases- these diseases are infections of the gums which destroy the bone that supports the teeth and causes numerous other symptoms.
  • Hormonal imbalance- this is especially the case in women when the imbalance causes the gums to become sensitive.
  • Smoking- a harmful habit which causes plaque accumulation on the teeth and leads to gum recession.
  • Genes- there are cases when receding gums occurs due to genetic predispositions.
  • Piercings- tongue or lip piercings could also lead to receding gums.
  • Clenching and grinding


When it is in the early stage, this problem could be resolved with tooth scaling or root planning. Namely, the dentist will remove the calculus and clean the area under the gum line. However, when this problem isn’t addressed timely, the only solution may be a surgery so that the lost tooth bone and tissue is regenerated, so that the depth is reduced, etc.

Nonetheless, there are also natural remedies you can try if you want to avoid surgery. If you have a severe gum infection, you must consult your dentist. Take a look at some of these methods:

  • Green tea

This tea is a great source of antioxidants which eliminate free radicals-the main cause of periodontal disease. Additionally, it is rich in Catechin, a powerful antioxidant which can treat any periodontal disease because it strengthens the connection between the gums and the teeth. Also, it will decrease the swelling of the gums as it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

Consume a cup of tea every morning.

  • Aloe Vera

As it is rich in antibacterial properties, this beneficial herb will treat the inflammation, prevent further infections, and repair the damaged tissue.

Use Aloe Vera as a mouth wash. You need to mix it with some water and gargle with it after you brush your teeth. Also, you can apply Aloe Vera gel after flossing and brushing, and brush the teeth once more with it for 5 minutes. At the end, rinse well.

  • Oil pulling

Oil pulling is effective for cavities, but it is also great in prevention of other oral diseases as well. This method eliminates toxins and plaque deposits, and it provides potent anti-inflammatory effects. What’s more, sesame oil works as a protective layer of the teeth for the prevention of plaque accumulation.

You need to heat it up, but not to be too hot. Then, rinse your mouth with it, after you brush your teeth. Rinse and gargle for 30 seconds. Increase the time gradually until you can do it for 15 minutes.

Another option is coconut oil which will relieve the bacterial infection; it will prevent tooth decay, and treat the oral cavity and help you grow back the gums. After brushing your teeth, wash your mouth with it. Begin with a minute or two, and then increase up to 20 minutes.

  • Eucalyptus

Essential oils have a stronger effect than herbs, so the eucalyptus essential oil will successfully fight off bacteria in the mouth and any infections.

Additionally, this essential oil is very helpful in cases of gum recession as it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. However, remember to dilute it with water before use.

First, dilute 1 or 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in 2 tbsp of water. Then, soak your toothbrush in the mixture and apply it onto the gums. Massage the area gently.

  • Myrrh

The resin from the Myrrh tree is exceptional in the treatment of oral diseases and gum problems. Crush the resin to make powder or simply use an already powdered resin. Mix it with some water to prepare a paste. Apply it onto the gums and massage for a couple of minutes.

  • Clove oil

Clove oil fights off bacteria and mouth diseases successfully. Also, it relieves swelling due to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Use it after meals to treat bad breath and to alleviate inflammation.

Drop 2 drops onto your toothbrush and massage the gums. Repeat the procedure 3 times per day.


It is always better to prevent problems than to treat them. Therefore, pay attention to these things if you want to prevent gum diseases:

  • Regular oral hygiene
  • No aggressive brushing
  • Don’t push the gums while brushing
  • Brush the teeth in a circular motion
  • Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and small head
  • Use dental floss daily
  • Use mouthwash daily


Regular use of mouthwash can help you lower the chances of bacteria in the mouth. Wash the teeth twice per day. You can prepare your own mouthwash at home. Follow these instructions:

Mix 2 drops of essential clove, sage, or tea tree oil with ¼ tea and ½ cup of water. Use the mixture regularly. Also, you can use diluted hydrogen peroxide against infections.


Water is very important for the oral health, as it is important for the health of the entire body. Use water to clean your teeth after meals by swishing it around the mouth and spitting or swallowing it.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet rich in nutrients is crucial for your overall health, because it will improve your immunity. On the other hand, junk food promotes spreading of bacteria in the mouth which cause a lot of infections.

It is important to decrease the intake of sugar and carbonated drinks, as well as caffeine, processed foods, alcohol, and white flour foods. You should include more vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, which is important for the gums because it can prevent inflammation and encourage gum regeneration.

You should eat more broccoli, pineapples, asparagus, oranges, strawberries, etc. If you plan to include some supplements, always consult your physician.

Some of these supplements are exceptional in the treatment of receding gums:

  • Vitamin C- strengthens the immunity and it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties
  • Gingko-biloba-enhances the blood circulation which is of great importance for the health of the gums.
  • Calcium- very important for dental and bone health.
  • Zinc-improves the immunity and fights off bacteria which lead to oral diseases.
  • Coenzyme Q10- helps to grow back receding gums and renews the cells.

Credits: http://www.healthtipsportal.com/gum-recession-help-natural-remedies/

Common Cold Is Nothing Compared To What Comes Threatening To You From Un- Cleaned Air Conditioner

Common Cold

Air conditioners are real “spreaders” of bacteria and viruses if they are not maintained regularly and properly.

Because of the warm as hell wheatear that following in July and August, there is not nearly one household that is not using air conditioning. Still, many researches showed that although the air conditioner stops the hell inside your home, is should not be considered as your friend. It has very negative consequences for your health and it is more dangerous when the air conditioners are not cleaned regularly.

In the air conditioners, many bacteria and microorganisms are living, among the most dangerous ones from which legionella – which can be fatal for your life.

It is developing and multiplying inside the air conditioners which are not being cleaned in the right way and the symptoms which this bacterium is causing are weakness, nausea, muscle aches, increased body temperature and dry cough.

If it is not detected quickly on time, it may cause death.

Most vulnerable are people who have problems with respiratory organs, small children, chronically ill patients, alcoholics and elders.

The cooling system is the only salvation from the heat which meteorologist are announcing. After winter, time has come to prepare your air conditioner for the upcoming heat.

Air conditioners at home, car or at work are essential during the summer. The unbearable heat can only be over lived with air conditioners which cool and clean the air. And is it really like that?

Air conditioners are real “spreaders” of bacteria and viruses as I previously said if they are not maintained regularly and properly. Poor maintenance of air conditioners leads to appearance of allergies and various diseases.

The air that comes from the air conditioner, which is not maintained regularly often, is with bad quality and sometimes it has unpleasant smell. Wet, dirty and dark places inside the air conditioner are fertile ground for development and growth of bacteria, mold and fungi.

Spending time in this kind of environment can seriously impair your health. The most common effects are irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, coughing, itching, various diseases of throat and nose, frequent infections, headaches and mental fatigue.

Epidemiologists at the Institute of Public Health of Serbia said that through the air conditioner Legionaries Disease (Legionella pneumophilia) can be transferred.

Besides all the health reasons, there are also technical reasons why it is important to do regular air service and disinfection of air conditioners. High and correct operation of the air conditioner is provided by controlling the refrigerant (Freon) also known to people as supplement to air and oil which lubricates the compressor. With this longer service of life will be ensured, reliability and reduced power consumption.

Many drivers do not pay attention to the condition of their car air conditioner. One of the most important things is the replacement of air conditioning filters, which are typically carried out during small car service.

After the expiry of the warranty period of the vehicle, people often try to save money and only replace their oil inside the engine and eventually change the filter of oil and air and forget to replace the filter of air conditioner. This is one big mistake!

The dirty filter from the air conditioner prevents the air to circulate and efficiently cool the interior of the vehicle. When the air conditioner is on, the engine consumes more fuel and with it can be clearly concluded that servicing the air conditioner pays off in the long run.

Common is the mistake when the technician is invited after the occurrence of the problem, and after people start to feel ill in the room, when the conditioner is not cooling or warming enough and when it stops working completely.

Before the start of season, it is necessary to call service technician to examine whether the device is correct and to make complete cleaning and disinfection. Also, if it is necessary, refilling of Freon, oil and other changing of worn parts should be done.

From air conditioner, pain in joint and heart pounding are appearing and also it may lead to asthma and bronchitis.

Even 50 percent of diseases in enclosed spaces are happening due to polluted air and the air conditioners accumulate bacteria, molds and fungi that cause severe infections.
If it is regularly and highly maintained, air conditioner saves from unbearable heat, purifies the air, reduces humidity and removes unpleasant odors.
But, there are dangers which usually are occurring due to irrational temperature adjustments and irregular maintenance.

The differences between indoor and outdoor temperature should not be higher than five or six degrees and the air conditioner should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year.

Throughout the whole conditioner, not just in the filter are present dirt, mold, fungi and bacteria that can cause several diseases.

Avoid directly exposure to jet of cold air from the air conditioner. Mostly there are the different types of respiratory infections (viral pneumonia including bronchitis), irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat, cough, severe headache, fatigue and lack of concentration.

This set of symptoms is called “sick building syndrome”.

Symptoms are improved or stopped after patients leave the building with a bad air conditioning for the weekend or during the holidays.

But, the most dangerous bacterium that can be developed inside the air conditioner is Legionella, which causes Legionnaire’s disease. It is a subspecies of pneumonia and develops from two to ten days after inhalation of Legionella. The disease begins with weakness, headache and somnolence with fever of 39 ° C-40.4 ° C.

Diarrhea and dry cough can also appear.

On higher risk of the disease are exposed chronic patients, people with weakened immunity, smokers and alcoholics and generally men are those who suffer from it more often.

To avoid this danger from the air conditioner professionals should service it regularly and from some conditioners, the internal filters can be washed in water every 15 days.

Untreated air conditioner can trigger asthma attacks. In badly maintained air- conditioners, fungi, dust, hair dust mites and etc. can be accumulated and also various chemical compounds can be extremely harmful for people who suffer from allergies and to encourage asthma attacks.

Keep the children away from the air conditioner. Especially is important to keep an eye on the temperature in the room in which the air conditioner is present, where the children usually stay. If it is too cold or warm, the children may get an ear infection.

Common Cold1

Instructions for use:

If you leave from your house or apartment for more than 15 minutes, turn off the air conditioner because there is no sense of it working while you are not in the room.
If you use the device overnight, we recommend the inclusion of night or silent operation because it reduces the noise and also saves electricity.
If you raise the temperature of the conditioner throughout the day for only two or three degrees it will reduce the electricity consumption by 60%.

Joint pain, runny nose, faster heartbeat…

If you set your air conditioner on too cool, the body will receive a temperature shock every time when you leave the conditioned rooms on hellish heat and this is very dangerous for children, elders and chronically ill people. They are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and to heat stroke, which can be fatal.

Differences in temperature more than eight degrees are laden the cardiovascular system. The heart will pump faster because the vessels will not be able so quick to spread and collect. Due to this the condition of cardiac patients can be worsen and even health and young people will experience pain in chest.

Strong air conditioning can cause discomfort to people who wear contact lenses and can worsen the conjunctivitis. But, the most common reactions to unnatural cold air- conditioned rooms are runny nose, sniffing, cough and other symptoms which are similar to flu.

Most of the air conditioners do not have humidifier and dry air dries out the mucus membranes o the nose and mouth and the nose may start bleeding.

And, if you struggle with chronic pain in the bones and joints, air conditioned areas will worsen your condition.If you do not have such problems it is very likely that after long drive in the car, you will feel pain in shoulders and neck or if you lower the temperature inside the cabin in relation to the outside. And air conditioners inside the car should be regularly cleaned and serviced.

How to play better role with your air conditioner

  • Due to danger of fire do not connect the power cable to power outlet and thereby use the same power to power the air conditioner.
  • If you leave your apartment or house for longer period of time than 15 minutes, it is recommended to turn off the air conditioner because there is no sense of wasting energy in the space where you are not present.
  • If you turn on the device during the night, it is advisable to set it on the so called night/quite/silent mood operation. It will reduce the noise and also will use cheaper power.
  • If you raise the temperature of your air conditioner for only two or three degrees, it will reduce the power consumption by approximately 60 percent. Dry air from the air conditioner dries and damages the skin.
  • Due to the dry air, the skin loses moisture and it worsens the condition of those who are suffering from eczema and other skin diseases. In summer, this increasingly appears and due to it the skin becomes dry and cracked.
  • Do not spend too much time with babies in cold shopping malls. Most of the malls in the summer are really cold and the quality of air inside is doubled and it is not recommended longer stay in them. This is especially recommended to young couples who come there often with babies.
  • Easily reduce the temperature inside your car. The temperature in the car should be reduced gradually, especially if it was exposed to sun for longer period of time. Before starting, ventilate the space with opened windows and then 15 before exiting the vehicle, turn of the air conditioner because like this the vehicle will easier adapt to the outside temperature.
  • If you properly position the temperature of the air conditioner and clean it regularly you will live more comfortable and bring positive effect on your health. Cooled air will improve the cognitive abilities and intellectual function. Besides it will reduce the burning of heat and fever.

In the end, very important advice: The difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature should not be higher than seven or eight degrees and cleaning and service should be done at least once a year.

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