Get Strong And Sleek Upper Body with HIIT Workout

Get Strong And Sleek Upper Body with HIIT Workout

Many of us are aware of  that working out is solely to lose those extra pounds, maintain weight or to build muscle, but we forget that we also need strength to do our daily activities without getting tired.As many of us are seated for long duration, we are prone to posture and spine problems. Also, as we age we start losing muscle strength, we start losing muscle in the early 20’s and can lose up to 40% by the age of 60.

The more muscle, the more calories we burn at rest. Upper body comprises of hands, forearms, upper arm and shoulder. Building Upper body muscle enables you to perform multiple tasks and also helps in retaining muscles as we age. When we injure our lower extremities and have to use crutches, our upper body strength will help us to be mobile.

Most of the jobs today are desk jobs and many are suffering from lower back and spine problems due to improper posture. We hunch over our computers and phones for hours together without even realising and ultimately suffer from posture problems such as hunchback, rounded shoulders, forward head. These problems not only affect health but induce aesthetic appeal as well. It is very important for runners to have a proper posture and strong upper body because drooped shoulders will slow down the pace of running and weak upper body can lead to injuries.

To strengthen your upper body start with simple exercises such as neck rotation, shoulder rotation and later on move to high intensity exercises such as HIIT upper body workout, these exercises can be done at home.


Warm up – Warm up is very important for outsetting exercise, just like how you warm up your car in cold weather, it’s important to warm up your body as well, before you do exercises. Here are the list of warm up exercises.

Spot Jogging

Side Jacks


Leg Extensions

Butt Kicks

Wind Mill

Let’s check out some exercises for the most important part of Upper Body – Shoulders.

Overhead Press: Stand Straight with dumbbells in your hands, palms facing inwards. Lift your elbows up taking your hands to chest level. Lift your elbows up landing in goal post position. Now, lift the hands up and repeat the exercise

Cross Curl:  Bend your knees a little and bend forward at your hips. Hold dumbbells in both your hands and dangle them down in front of you. Cross your arms and lift your elbows to a 90 degree angle and you can experience your shoulders squeezing. Repeat the exercise

Pushup: Get into plank position with hands straight under your shoulders, wider than shoulder-width apart. Get your toes on the floor and keep your spine straight. Now get down to the floor till chest almost touches to the floor and repeat the exercise.

These are few HIIT exercises, for more exercises on HIIT upper body workout, please do watch the following video.

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Say Goodbye To Back Pain In Natural Way. Successful In 95 Of Cases!

One of the most common health problems that people face nowadays is the pain in the low back or sometimes known as lumbago or hexenschuss which, mostly is represented by stabs.

Our body is holed together by many nerves, muscles, ligaments and blood vessels. They are connected to our spine which is consisted of 33 vertebrae (12 thoracic, 7 cervical, 5 sacrum, 5 lumbar and 4 coccyx). Through the canal within the spine which allows us an upright posture pass the nerve roots of the arms, legs and spinal cord.

The spine is in constant action and has multiple functions like train, pressure, twisting, bending and shear which lead sometimes to overuse.

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Different ranges of motions have different parts of the spine. So, the breast part is low mobile while the neck has high mobility.

Transition between one to another part of the spine can cause degenerative changes and actually they are the sources of pain.

People who Are At Risk

Those people who work hard physical jobs, those with sedentary jobs, with osteoporosis, older men with degenerative process and with congenital anomalies of the spine after operations or injuries of the spine are more prone to low back pain.

How To Prevent And Treat It

With one herb, according to few studies, called comfrey people who are suffering from back pain can make their lives much easier. It can be found on wet fields, meadows and ditches near water.

How To Prevent And Treat It

It Can Help You Relief The Pain From Problems With Lower Back

Experts from the German Sports University conducted one research in which 120 people were included who were suffering from lower and upper pain I the back. They wanted to test an ointment which contains comfrey root extract.

The results were published in the British Journal of Sports Medina and showed that people successfully healed the pain in their back after just 5 days of treatment with this ointment.

The extract of this plant is extremely potent and clinically proven to successfully decrease the pain in the back.

Since ancient times comfrey is being used. You will recognize it by its hairy leaves and large beet- like root.

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Also, there are other former studies which have proven its effectiveness for other types of pain, like dislocation of joints, knee and osteoarthritis, if it is used in form of gel.
Remember, it should not be taken as supplement or capsules because it can damage the liver.


Make Oil From Cinnamon And Use All Its Beneficial Health Advantages

After this your oil will be ready for use. The number of sticks should be determined arbitrarily.

Tree of cinnamon is herb that comes from Asia and is most common in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Madagascar. As a spice and medicine it is used since times of ancient Egypt.

In Europe, the greatest demand for cinnamon happens in middle age when it becomes primary product of trade between the Middle East and Europe. Its exotic taste won the whole world but over time, after finding, on first place its medicinal properties came.

Today we can say that this is ideal combination of great spice and natural medicine.

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In our country many people have not heard about oil of cinnamon. There are two types of cinnamon oil.

The first type is essential oil with high strength which is made from leaves and bark of the plant with very complex process.

The second is extracted cinnamon oil that be done by yourself.

You Need:

  • Several cinnamon sticks
  • Pure refined olive oil

Place the cinnamon sticks in glass jar. Pour them with pure refined olive oil so they will be completely covered with it. Seal the jar well and leave it at a room temperature for 3 weeks.

Every day shake the jar. After three weeks, strain the oil through gauze and place it into dark glass jar in which for best there should be 5- 6 sticks placed in half a liter of oil. The higher the number of cinnamon sticks is the better.

If you cannot find sticks of cinnamon you can use powder from cinnamon in ratio of 1:5 in relation to oil (100grams of cinnamon powder in half a liter of oil). But, we still recommend the use of sticks because the in the process of grinding the sticks loose many medicinal properties.

Make Oil From Cinnamon And Use All Its Beneficial Health Advantages

The oil will have great aroma and flavor. The combination of this medicinal and healthy olive oil with the useful and healing ingredients of cinnamon makes a true elixir of health for external and internal use.

Oil of cinnamon is strong antioxidant which prevents damage and protects the cells from free radicals that cause the most serious diseases and age the organism.

You can use the oil on whatever way you want to. You can add it over finished meals, in salads or cakes; all depends on your taste. But, we do not recommend usage on long terms. Still, for the best, use 1- 2 teaspoons of this oil in the morning and evening. The oil can be used for external use, by rubbing the painful, inflamed or affected places.

This oil has antiseptic, antibiotic and analgesic properties. It is also considered as aphrodisiac.

According to study from University of Wheeling Jesuit, USA the use of cinnamon oil is an excellent tonic for the brain which prevents tension, irritability and memory loss. It significantly can boost the brain activity.

This oil is excellent purifier of blood from all the impurities and reduces the appearance of acnes.

Cinnamon oil improves blood circulation and prevents the formation of cloths and its regular consumption will improve and boost your metabolic activity, will reduce your blood pressure and prevent s the possibility of stroke and heart attack.

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If you use it regularly, cinnamon oil will improve the sugar inside the blood and will control it in diabetics. It will quickly normalize the blood sugar.

Researchers from the American Human Nutrition Center proved that ingredients which are present in cinnamon have positive effect on the human health especially to those who are diabetics.

Cinnamon oil has a positive effect on the destruction of bacteria in the urinary tract, especially in the gallbladder. Besides it effect on destroying the bacteria and reducing the fungus it is used as cure for Candida.

One research declared that regular use of this oil positively acts on the work of colon and prevents colon cancer.

The long experience of using cinnamon and oil of cinnamon in the internal diet showed significant improvement in digestion and reduced the incidence of gas and bloating.

For all the problems and infections in your mouth, around tooth tissue, sores in the mouth and fungi on the tongue you need to take a tablespoon of cinnamon oil. Rinse the oil for few minutes so it can reach all up and down parts of mouth. After few rinses, spit it.

Anti- inflammatory properties of this oil help with problems with arthritis. It takes small amount of oil to rub on the painful spot. The process should be repeated in the morning and evening until the pain stops. The same applies to problems with inflammation of the muscles.

It is well known fact that cinnamon oil is used as a good natural remedy for colds and flu and sore throats. This combination is a great diuretic that will facilitate and accelerate the excretion of fluids from the body.

And as last but not least, for many men and women the cinnamon oil acts as an excellent aphrodisiac that boosts libido.

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The list of health benefits that come out of cinnamon or from the cinnamon oil do not end here on this list and it can be said that cinnamon or cinnamon oil is useful for your complete health.

During the trades that took place between Europe and the Orient, cinnamon was more valuable than gold and was guarded and transported under armed escort.


Home Remedies For Fibroids

Fibroids, also called uterine leiomyomas, are extremely common non-cancerous muscular tumors of the uterus. About 80 percent of women develop this problem by the age of 50.

The exact cause of uterine fibroids is still not known. Factors like genetics, abnormalities in the blood vessel or vascular system, hormones and other growth factors play an important role in the development of fibroids.

Uterine Fibroids The problem is more common in obese and African-American women. Women who have never given birth to a child or who had their first menstrual cycle before age 10 also are considered more at risk of fibroids.

Most women with fibroids have no symptoms. However, some women experience symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding, prolonged menstrual periods, pelvic pressure and pain, bladder problems, rectal pressure and lower back pain.

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Uterine fibroids are usually not dangerous, but can cause immense discomfort and lead to complications like anemia from heavy blood loss. In rare cases, they may cause complications that affect pregnancy.

In cases where there are no symptoms, treatment may not be necessary. However, proper diagnosis and treatment may be required if your symptoms are severe or causing complications. Along with conventional treatment, you can try some natural home remedies.

Note: Most herbal remedies, including chasteberry and milk thistle are not recommended during pregnancy and nursing, so consult your doctor before taking them.

Fibroid Home Remedies

Here are the top 10 home remedies for fibroids.

1. Castor Oil Pack

Applying a castor oil pack on the abdomen helps stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and increases lymphocytes (disease-fighting cells) to eliminate disease-causing toxins from the body. Many holistic practitioners believe a buildup of these toxins plays an important role in fibroid development.

Castor oil also contains ricinoleic acid with anti-inflammatory properties. The following remedy may help shrink fibroids and also aid in pain relief.

  1. Saturate a piece of wool flannel in castor oil.
  1. Place it on your abdomen and cover it with a plastic wrap.
  1. Place a heating pad or hot water bottle on it and cover that with an old towel.
  1. Leave it on for about one hour, and then remove it.
  1. Repeat three or four times a week for at least one month, or until you see improvement.

Note: Do not use this remedy during menstruation or if you are trying to conceive.

2. Chasteberry

Chasteberry, also known as Vitex agnus-castus, is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean areas. It is an excellent herbal solution to maintain hormonal balance, lower estrogen levels and reduce inflammation. Simply take 25 to 30 drops of chasteberry tincture two to four times a day.

Note: Chasteberry will help regulate menstruation and bleeding between periods, but may also reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills.

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3. Milk Thistle

This herbal remedy helps metabolize and get rid of excess estrogen. Estrogen is a reproductive hormone that stimulates cells to release growth factors, which in turn contributes to fibroid growth. Simply take 10 to 25 drops of a tincture of this herb up to three times a day for three to four months.

4. Dandelion

Many herbalists believe that poor liver function leading to poor elimination of excess hormones contributes to fibroids. Dandelion aids in liver detoxification and clearing excess estrogen from your body.

  1. Boil three tablespoons of dandelion root in three and one-half cups of water.
  1. Let it simmer for 15 minutes.
  1. Turn off the heat, and allow it to steep for another 15 minutes before straining it.
  1. Drink this tea three times a day for at least three months.

5. Green Tea

Studies indicate that green tea contains a compound called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that inhibits growth of fibroid cells, eventually increasing their death rate.

EGCG offers anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative and antioxidant effects. Researchers have found that in addition to reducing the size of fibroids, green tea can reduce the severity of fibroid symptoms.

Drink two or three cups of green tea or take two 400 mg green tea capsules daily for several months.

6. Milk

In a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2009, researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine found that black women who consumed four or more dairy servings a day had a 30 percent reduced incidence of uterine fibroids compared to those who consumed less than one serving a day.

Although the exact mechanism for this is not known, researchers believe that the calcium in dairy may help reduce cell proliferation. So, include more milk and dairy products in your daily diet.

You can also combine milk with blackstrap molasses that, being rich in iron and other nutrients, helps combat anemia that may result from heavy bleeding due to fibroids. Though not proven scientifically, blackstrap molasses is also believed to help shrink fibroids.

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  1. Mix one or two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses in three-quarters cup of warm milk.
  1. Drink it once or twice a day on a regular basis, or at least for several months.

7. Burdock Root Tea

Burdock Root Tea

Burdock root improves the liver’s ability to metabolize estrogen, thereby reducing fibroids. Plus, being high in the lignan arctigenin, it can help reduce the size of fibroids and inhibit new tumor growth.

  • Add one teaspoon of dried burdock root to a cup of hot water. Let it steep for 10 to 15 minutes, and then strain it. Drink this tea three times a day.
  • Alternatively, you can take 10 to 25 drops of burdock root tincture three times per day.

Continue either of these remedies daily for three to four months.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be helpful in reducing fibroid symptoms because it helps remove toxins from the body and promotes fat loss. Though not proven scientifically, it is believed to help shrink fibroid tumors too.

  1. Add one teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water.
  1. You can also add one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses or some natural sweetener for taste.
  1. Drink it daily on a regular basis. Gradually increase the dosage of apple cider vinegar from one teaspoon to one or two tablespoons per glass.

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9. Garlic


Garlic has natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that discourage the growth of tumors and uterine fibroids. So, eat three to five garlic cloves daily. If the garlic taste and odor are too strong for you, then follow it with a glass of milk. Milk will also help reduce the incidence of fibroids.

10. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Indian Gooseberry

Being an antioxidant and immunomodulator, Indian gooseberry is an excellent Ayurvedic remedy to reduce fibroids and their symptoms.

  1. Mix together one teaspoon each of Indian gooseberry powder and honey.
  1. Consume it daily, first thing in the morning.
  1. Continue for at least a few months to get positive results.

In addition to these remedies, make sure to exercise regularly and drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush out toxins. Exercising also helps regulate ovulation.

Plus, make whole grains like oats, brown rice, buckwheat and others a major part of your daily diet. Also eat beans, nuts, seeds and plenty of green vegetables.

Eating a high-fiber diet helps reduce estrogen, which in turn helps shrink fibroids. It is believed that green vegetables tend to protect women from developing fibroids, while eating red meat and ham increase the risk.

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Apart from following these remedies, consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment, especially if you are experiencing overly heavy or painful periods, bleeding between periods, persistent pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, or enlarged uterus and abdomen.


Nip It In The Bud: How To Prevent These Weird Scar Marks From Intensifying

Nip It In The Bud How To Prevent These Weird Scar Marks From Intensifying

Image: shutterstock

Don’t you just hate pimples? They come and go when they please and make us miserable. They hurt when they appear, and they leave behind the most horrible scars! If you are a little dusky, then you are left with little brown spots on your face. If you are fair, you have red or pink patches for scars. Neither is acceptable! Pimples or acne result from an over-secretion of an oily lubricant called sebum from the sebaceous glands in the skin, and the subsequent blocking of skin pores. This over-secretion of sebum can result from a hormonal imbalance or general oily skin. We cannot stop pimples, but we can try to reduce the intensity of the outbreaks and the chances of horrible scars.

  1. Do Not Poke A Zit: If you have a pimple growing on your face, and you are tempted to pick it, do not! The acne scar is a deep indentation resulting from picking at the blemish. Although it is not true for all cases, picking at the zit only makes it more difficult to remove the zit scar. The scar is the result of your white blood cells replacing the damaged cells in the punctured zit. The increased secretion of enzymes and the white blood cells together build a complex of cells that end up looking scaly and pink. So, hold back from poking that growing zit!
  1. Consult A Doctor: The intensity of acne scarring can vary among people. It can be mild, or severe. Home remedies can come handy for a small outbreak of acne. However, for severe and more permanent scarring, it is best that you consult a dermatologist. Your doctor can best advise you if you require a laser treatment, and on further medication for scar removal. Consulting your dermatologist is a good idea when you are growing the zit. They can prescribe you proper treatment suiting your skin type and its requirements.
  1. Use Soft Cleansers: Using abrasive cleansers will not lighten or remove the scar. It only makes your skin feel rough. If you have a growing pimple, you should continue using a soft cleanser for your face. It is important for you to keep your skin clean and less oily. Care for your skin since it is delicate. Try wearing minimal makeup since makeup can also worsen your skin’s health. Research by Dermatology Research and Practice states, that pimple prevalence among adolescents is as high as 90%, while 12% of these adolescents continue to adulthood with pimples. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain skin hygiene for all skin types and across age groups.
  1. Use Sunscreen: The use of sunscreen is extremely vital for skin protection. Sunscreen protects our skin from harmful cancer causing Ultra Violet rays, and simultaneously prevents the acne scars from growing darker. The acne scar is the proof of your skin healing itself. Exposure to direct sunlight reduces our skin’s potential, making healing slower and less efficient.
  1. You Could Try Home Remedy: Most home remedies do not work on removing acne scars. However, before the acne becomes a scar, there are a lot of remedies you can try for your skin. You can let the blemish soak overnight using a wet cotton plug, and then warm it up a bit so that it facilitates the release of the pus, followed by a benzoyl peroxide treatment. It will clean the wound that was the zit and quicken healing. You can also use any other home based product with salicylic acid. It exfoliates the skin and helps lighten the dark spots. People with darker acne scars can use skin brightening creams that contain hydroquinone that has a stronger lightening effect than salicylic acid. You can also use other products containing antioxidants like vitamin C and retinol to treat acne scars. You should avoid using abrasive agents that you can buy online. Also, you should know that acne scars are not keloids. Keloids are inflammations on the skin but of a different nature. They are not permanent, unlike acne scars, and should be treated differently. Lime juice cleansing and honey application are easy remedies for keloids.

Patience is important when you are trying to deal with acne and acne scars. It is also necessary to be able to tell the difference between acne and keloids, since they have different treatments. An outbreak of acne is very normal. Just keep caring for your skin and follow a gentle skin cleansing routine to shorten the healing time for your skin.

Ayurvedic Remedies To Cure Common Ailments This Year

Ayurvedic Remedies To Cure Common Ailments This Year


Man has made an immense amount of progress in the field of technology and medicine such that even the deadliest of diseases are said to have a cure today. The healthcare industry is at an all-time high, and we often turn to doctors and their prescribed drugs for even the smallest of health issues that we face. While one can’t ignore the validity and worth of modern medicine towards nurturing human life, the fact of the matter remains that these services are very expensive and aren’t free from side-effects! What fills the gap here is a century-old discipline known for its magical restorative and healing benefits that contribute to the overall quality of life. In a world where the rate of diseases is rising faster than the pace of technological innovations, relying solely on modern medicine can do more bad than good. Here are five natural Ayurvedic remedies that can help cure common ailments:

1. For Obesity – Obesity is one of the most common health hazards that has caught us under its wrath today. Did you know that worldwide obesity has more than doubled since the year 1980 with over 13% of the world’s adult population obese? Obesity also increases susceptibility to more serious health conditions like cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Though the trend of liposuction and other weight-loss surgeries is fast catching up, these mediums are highly unsafe. Ayurveda is a natural and healthy approach to treating this health condition that addresses the root of the problem along with the help of physical exercise and a good diet. In Ayurveda, honey is considered to be one of the best weight-loss stimulating ingredients owing to its natural fat burning properties. Contrary to popular belief, honey should not be mixed with hot water and should be taken in its purest, unprocessed form.

Remedies :

  1. You can mix a teaspoon of honey with lime water and drink it the first thing it the morning.
  1. You could also mix 2 grams of Trikatu Churna (black pepper, long pepper fruit, ginger) with honey and water. This concoction will improve your metabolic function and lower cholesterol levels.

2. For Common Cold – Though common cold may not be fatal to human health, it can come in the way of your daily activities by hindering productivity and making you feel fatigued and irritable. Ayurvedic remedies like ginger can help strengthen your immune system (and balance Kapha) and fight the viruses that can make you susceptible to cold and flu.


  1. Trikatu, the combination of the three spices namely ginger, black pepper, long pepper fruit help keep the mucous in the lungs moist, and lower respiratory tract inflammation. Mix half a teaspoon of trikatu powder with honey.
  2. You can also mix tulsi leaves with dried ginger powder in warm milk or tea and have it 2-3 times a day.

3. For Migraines – Many people complain of migraine headaches that are characterized by piercing pain on one side of the head, nausea, blurred vision, and light sensitivity. When triggered, these excruciating migraines can even make a person go unconscious. Conventional therapy for migraine comes with a fair share of side effects and may not work for everyone. Ayurvedic medicines, however, along with good sleep and a healthy diet can reduce migraine frequency and pain intensity reports a study conducted by the International Journal of Ayurveda Research.


  1. Mix one teaspoon of castor oil with warm water and drink it before sleeping
  1. Hot oil massage or Shirodhara also provides relief from migraine headaches

4. For Diabetes – The incidence of diabetes, like obesity is increasing greatly among people, given their poor lifestyle and dietary habits, also known as Apathyanimittaja prameha in Ayurveda. Ayurveda recommends that along with a healthy diet comprising of vegetables and bitter herbs, and exercises like yoga and breathing techniques, herbal remedies like turmeric can also help regulate blood sugar levels. It’s not just Ayurveda that touts the benefits of turmeric. Modern studies also report its benefits in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Turmeric helps tackle major diabetes-associated aspects like insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and islet apoptosis and necrosis, reports an Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine study.


  1. Take between 2-3 grams (or as prescribed by your doctor) of turmeric daily in curries, tea or the form of capsules.

5. For Acid Reflux – Given the unhealthy diets that people enjoy today, digestive issues are an everyday business! Acid reflux can lead to gut-related problems like heartburns and indigestion. Though antacids provide relief, when taken too often, they can put you at an increased risk for bone fractures. The following Ayurvedic remedies are free from side effects and are sure to alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux.


  1. Drinking fresh aloe vera juice before meals helps prevent acid reflux symptoms and heals the stomach and esophageal lining.
  1. Chew some fresh basil leaves after your meal. While chewing helps create extra saliva, thereby aiding the digestive process, the cooling properties of basil soothe the digestive tract.

Before you rummage through your medicine cabinet to treat every health concern, go search your kitchen cabinets for these natural health boosters. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure, the best way to prevent falling prey to diseases is maintaining an active lifestyle and eating a healthy, balanced diet. Sleep at least for eight hours in a day and enjoy a stress-free life!

5 Common Habits That Harm Your Skin

5 Common Habits That Harm Your Skin

Image: Shutterstock

Does your skin look dull every time you look into the mirror, and you wonder why? If you do not apply sunscreen before you leave for work, then you need not wonder why your skin has lost its glow. Most often we fall short of tending to our skin’s needs and compromise on our skin’s health. To have beautiful and healthy skin, we need to take good care of it. It does not mean you need elaborate skin care routines. Instead, the secret to healthier skin lies in a healthy lifestyle. Try abstaining from the following list of things and you will see the result as your skin regains its lost glow.

  1. Sleeping Late: None of us like the bags under our eyes, or the dark circles around our eyes. However, they are evidence of lack of sleep. One of the worst treatments we can dole out to our bodies is by sleeping late. It is an unhealthy practice since it leads to weight gain, and it also puts your skin’s health at risk. Lack of sleep causes the secretion of the hormone ghrelin that stimulates the feeling of hunger. Also, your face evidently puts on weight before any other body part. So, when you begin to gain weight around your face, you tend to look bloated. When you get proper 7-8 hours of sound sleep, your skin rejuvenates itself. Proper sleep also ensures that your skin is hydrated. Your dark circles go away, and you skin no longer feels dull. Also, when you go to bed, remember to remove your makeup. Heavy makeup loaded with chemicals block your skin pores and increase chances of acne breakout. So, get a good night’s rest, and simultaneously allow your skin to relax. You will wake up with refreshed mind, skin and body.
  1. Popping Zits: When you scratch your skin frequently, there are lesions and scars that take months to heal, or are permanent. If you have chronic acne problems, the first advice a dermatologist will give you is to not pick or pop those zits. A zit lasts for a few days, or maybe a week but pop it and it will lead to permanent scarring. Scarring from acne is your skin’s way to heal as the white blood cells try to replace the damaged cells on the punctured zit. The indentation is the result of the white blood cells and body enzymes forming a complex of cells that look pink and scaly. Popping the zits allows bacteria and dirt to penetrate deeper into your skin pores and cause further infection. If, you do not want pink lesions on your face, don’t pop that zit!
  1. Forgetting To Apply Sunscreen: Most of us are now conscious of the harmful effects of the UV rays and use sunscreen. However, what kind of sunscreen lotion do you use, and how often? Ideally, we should apply sunscreen lotion at least 30 minutes before we leave for anywhere. Using sunscreen once in the day does not mean you are completely protected from the sun. You need to reapply every 2-4 hours. Also, we think a sunscreen lotion with SPF 100+ will keep us safe through the day. It is a misleading marketing claim that we tend to fall prey to. Instead, a sunscreen of SPF 30+ provides wide range protection from the harmful sun’s rays. It is not only important to use sunscreen, but it is also important to use proper procedure as already mentioned, to ensure maximum benefits and maintain healthy skin.
  1. Exfoliating Too Often: A perfect skincare routine includes exfoliation that helps in the removal of dead cells from the surface of the skin. If the dead cells are not removed, they accumulate, and clog skin pores increasing your acne problems. It also helps retain skin’s elasticity while preventing wrinkling. Exfoliation with the help of a scrub or a home remedy leaves your skin supple and healthy. However, if you exfoliate too often, your skin will lose the essential oil, ‘sebum’, that it secretes and will become dry and flaky. It also disallows new skin to build up. It makes the skin susceptible to irritation, inflammation and speeds aging. While exfoliation is necessary, you should never overdo it. For oily or acne-prone skins, use an exfoliating agent twice a week. While for normal or sensitive skin types, exfoliating once a week is best suited. After washing your face, never forget to use a gentle moisturizer. It helps restore some of the oil that is lost after washing your face.
  1. Taking Long Hot Showers: Who can say no to a long, hot shower? It is comforting and refreshing. However, it is bad for our skin. The warm water washes all the essential oils that your skin secretes to keep it moist. Your skin ends up becoming drier than it was before you walked into the shower. Washing your face with water too often has the same effects. So, reduce the time spent in the hot shower, and always moisturize after the shower. This way, you can ensure your skin is not too dry after every shower.

There are many other things you could do for better skincare like avoiding stress, eating healthy and getting some exercise. All healthy lifestyle habits help rejuvenate your skin health while restoring your general health. After you treat your skin right, you will notice the difference as your skin no longer looks dull. Instead, you look much younger, the bags under your eyes have disappeared, your face feels moist, and there is no tanning. You will no longer shy away from your mirror. Your mirror and you are going to become best friends. So, go ahead, ask your mirror, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?”

How To Prepare Simple Natural Face Masks

How To Prepare Simple Natural Face Masks

Getty Images

Is your skin susceptible to acute breakouts? Also, does your skin have scar marks from the acne? I had similar worries. I tried most beauty products available in the markets that claimed to heal acne and the scarring, but they failed. Also, I used to follow a spa routine religiously, and it was burning a hole in my pocket. My friend suggested a home remedy, and I took it. I have to say that it did wonders for my skin. I realized that instead of shelling out so much money at spas, I could enjoy a spa-like experience at home, and for much cheaper. Here are some face masks that you can put together from ingredients you can find in your kitchen, and that will rejuvenate your skin:

  1.    Cucumber Mask: This face mask is best suited for oily and inflamed skin. It helps soothe your skin and reduces the redness of the inflammation. The cucumber mask also hydrates your skin. Add ½ a cucumber, chopped, to one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of kaolin clay. If the paste is too runny, add some more clay, and apply the mask on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes before gently rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Kaolin clay is available in any health-food store. You can replace kaolin clay with bentonite clay or any other medicinal clay.
  1.    Banana And Honey Mask: If you have noticed that you skin appears dull, this face mask is just what you need. Mix half a banana, mashed, to one tablespoon honey and two tablespoons sour cream or curd. After you apply it on your skin, leave it for 10 minutes before gently wiping it off with a damp washcloth. You will notice that your skin feels softer and regains its lost glow. If you do not have honey in the kitchen, you can use one whole banana, mashed, and it will also leave your skin supple and refreshed.
  1.    Chocolate Truffle Mask: Now, who does not love chocolate? You skin loves it too. Mix cocoa with milk in equal proportions. For example, if you are taking four tablespoons of cocoa, you will have to add four tablespoons of milk, and beat it. When the mixture attains the consistency of chocolate pudding, you will know that your face mask is ready. Apply it gently on your face, and leave it to dry for about 10 minutes. This face mask is especially good for acne prone skin. If you have acne and scarring problems, let the mask dry for 20 minutes before gently washing it off. The chocolate truffle mask is one acne-healing mask that will also leave you smelling deliciously of chocolate.
  1.    Oatmeal Facial Mask: You have a date tonight, and you realize your face looks dull and tired because of the strenuous day you have had. The oatmeal mask comes handy as it exfoliates and removes the dead cells from your face. Make a quick mix of 1/3 cup of oatmeal in ½ cup of warm water. Make sure the water is warm and not boiling. After the oatmeal and the water mixture has settled, add one tablespoon of yogurt, one tablespoon of honey and one egg white. Beat this mixture thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of the mask on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Once the face mask is dry, rinse it off gently with lukewarm water. The oatmeal acts as a natural scrub and removes the dead cells from the surface of your skin. The honey, yogurt and egg white make your skin soft and help retain its elasticity.
  1.    Lemon Facial Mask: Lemon has an astringent effect on your skin, which help exfoliate your skin. However, too much lemon can be harmful for your skin, so it is important to dilute the lemon juice. You can also use the lemon juice to moisturize your skin when you mix the juice of one lemon with ¼ cup of olive oil. You can also replace olive oil with sweet almond oil. The oil minimizes the lemon’s strong astringent effect, as well as helps moisturize your skin.

You can have soft, glowing and healthy skin even at home when you know which ingredients from your kitchen will work best for your skin. Home remedies are also cost effective and are an organic way to treat your skin. In case you do not know if you are allergic to any ingredient, it is always advisable to test the facial mask by applying it on your inner arm, before applying it to your face. Homemade facial masks are the quickest way to rejuvenate your skin and regain your lost glow.

Cure For Dry Eyes: Drops Which Will Guard Your Vision!

Cure For Dry Eyes Drops Which Will Guard Your Vision!

Many people daily have problem with their dry eyes because of the long time they spend in front of their computer and believe it or not the solution lies in this Russian natural remedy.

“Dry eyes” is serious problem for the people who spend long time in front of computer or television. To improve their situation and to solve this problem, the Russian folk medicine offers an excellent solution.

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Take natural honey and in 1:3 solution and mix it with distilled water. Strain the mixture through gauze and sip about two drops in both eyes in the morning and evening over the whole year without interruption in order to maintain the health of your eyes.

This solution should be refrigerated. Improvements will start to appear immediately.


The Cheapest Green Juice: It Strengthens The Body And Prevents the Spread Of Cancer Cells

This miraculous juice is made from vegetables and does wonders to our body.

Many times we wrote that the cabbage is packed with many vitamins and minerals.It contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber in large quantities so it is perfect ally for the immune system, especially in the season of virus infections and influenza.

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Nutritionists advise that the pork should be consumed with cabbage because this vegetable absorbs the fats faster and speeds up the digestion.

It is an excellent diuretic, it lowers the blood pressure, improves the digestion, cleans the blood vessels, protects against colon cancer and treats gastritis.

Cabbage contains sulforaphane which is substance that prevent occurrence of cancer cells. In addition, cabbage stimulates the memory, conception, improves the heart function and protects against anemia.

Cheapest Green Juice



  • half a cabbage
  • 100ml of water
  • The cabbage drink can be made in blender.

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Blend half a cabbage and add about 100ml of water and juice from half a lemon. Prepared like this, this beverage drink should be consumed immediately, do not use stock, make it again if you want it.