Why should you supplement your indemnity cover ‘mediclaim’ with defined cover ‘critical illness’ cover?

We all are at health risk, due to our hectic lifestyles and environment. This is why we equip ourselves, with a health insurance policy. It is the need for financial security, and quality treatment, which convinced us to buy a health risk cover. We know treatment expense in India is skyrocketing now. Even if we suffer from seasonal diseases like dengue or chikungunya, it will cost a lot, if we just consider our hospitalisation expense.


But, is your health insurance cover enough? If you have an insurance coverage amount of Rs 10 lakhs for self, is it still enough? We are asking these questions, as this is the right time to reconsider our options. Healthcare in India is making rapid advances, and we should avail maximum benefit of our health insurance cover. We should not be in a ‘compromising’ situation, even when we have a mediclaim policy.


Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the number of critical ailment cases. The sad part is that even youngsters are becoming susceptible to these critical diseases, like cancer, heart attack, etc. While critical ailments require specialised medical care, a mediclaim policy has a cap on doctor’s fees, and thus, you won’t get the complete coverage. In such cases, you will have no option but to pay from your pocket. Further, acute illness also means loss of income, disability, and change in lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to consider a critical illness (CI) cover.


What is CI cover?


CI covers life-threatening conditions under a single insurance policy. Life-threatening risks can be heart attack, stroke, heart surgery, paralysis, organ transplant, kidney transplant, cancer, among others. Under CI cover, the policy beneficiary is entitled to receive the total insurance coverage amount in a lump sum. It is applicable from the time when the insured is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.


How will you benefit?


This can be best explained with an illustration. Rahul is a 35 year old married man. His wife Anjali is 30 years old. They have a 2 year-old child. Rahul is living with his father, who is 55-years old.


Policy holder and coverCI cover benefits
Rahul has a policy for selfRahul is a busy man, with a hectic lifestyle. As Rahul grows older, he is at high risk of developing life threatening conditions, for example heart disease due to his sedentary lifestyle. If he has a family history of heart disease like his father has suffered a heart attack earlier, then he is at a greater risk. His warning signs will be high cholesterol, high BP, diabetes . He should have a CI cover.


If he suffers from chest pain at 38 years, then consider this:


His consultation fees to hospital will be Rs 800 onwards. This is not covered in his hospital package expense covered under standard health insurance policy.


Total cost of his treatment will be much higher. If he requires a stent, it will cost him Rs 3-5 lakh. The conservative estimate for his hospital stay will be Rs 10,000/day in a good private hospital.


His expense (15 days hospital admission) will look like:

Rs 800x 6= 4,800

Rs 5 lakh

Rs 10,000×15= 1,50, 000

Medicine, post treatment expense, doctor consultation should be added.


Rahul is likely to incur close to Rs 15 lakh for his treatment. It’s a life-long disease.


Standard policy will not cover this huge amount.


Exact benefits of CI cover (of Rs 30 lakh) will include-

ü  Payment of Rs 30 lakh when Rahul is diagnosed with a health problem

ü  Even if Rahul does not need a heart surgery, he is entitled to the whole amount

ü  Rs 30 lakh will cover his whole treatment expense and recuperation aids as well


A standard insurance policy will not include-

ý  Lump sum Payment of Rs 30 lakh. It is very unlikely that Rahul will have Rs 30 lakh as insurance coverage for self. At max, he might have Rs 12-15 lakh

ý  Even then, only his hospitalisation expense will be covered, which will be less than his actual treatment cost


Who requires a CI cover?


Two new reports by the Indian Council of Medical Research estimate that the number of cancer patients will increase to 1.7 million by 2020.


Taking the above illustration forward, Rahul will require a CI cover in addition, if

  • Rahul is planning to have a second child. His wife is 30-years old, has a family history of breast cancer, then he requires it on priority
  • Rahul is growing older. He has a family history of heart risk
  • Rahul’s father is an old-age man, and at increased health risk. He should necessarily have a CI cover, considering his father’s exact health condition now



Consider the following before buying a CI cover


Exact coverage offered by your insurance company; more specifically the list of diseases covered.

Opt for long policy tenure, to enjoy lifelong benefit. You never know when bad health strikes you. You should be financially prepared at any time in life. Also, opt for a large insurance coverage amount. Consider, inflation costs, since this is a long-term cover.

7 Things Healthy People Do That Really Make a Difference


New Year resolutions are easier made than done. Most of us unconsciously get back to our old ways sooner than we anticipate. And the root cause of us not being able to shake off these habits is our poor lifestyle choices. Ever wonder what you could achieve if these bad habits were weeded out? A lot more than what you have now, right? Today, I will tell you how you can change your life in just two steps. First, stop daydreaming about your achievements and avoid wasting time on revisiting your resolutions. Secondly, practice the below mentioned steps as a ritual till they become your habits and a part of your daily life.

1. Sleep Tight, Wake Up Bright

Sleep is the most important thing, we all can agree on that. We love to sleep, but still, some of us don’t get enough sleep. The mantra is to get 6-7 hours of sound sleep to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Make your bed nice and cozy and crawl into it after 2-3 hours of having dinner. You can listen to soft and soothing music or read a book to help you relax. Wake up early to workout and eat breakfast before you head out to take on the world.

2. Skip Fasting, Not Breakfast

One of the advantages of waking up early is you will get time to prepare a wholesome breakfast. Breakfast is fuel for your brain, muscles, and internal organs. Having a healthy breakfast like oats is the key to a healthy body. Oats are rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. They help to reduce the bad cholesterol levels, enhance your immunity, and keep you full for a longer period. Since they are low in calories, they also help you manage your weight. Try the healthy Horlicks Oats with fruits and nuts to boost the nutritional quotient in your bowl and it takes as less as 5 minutes to cook.

3. Workout, Don’t Fade Out

Now, who doesn’t want to look young and stay fit for as long as possible? In fact, research shows that working out regularly can slow down the aging process. Choose a convenient time to workout daily to build muscle mass, lose fat, and build bone strength. Working out can also improve mental health and release “feel good” hormones, which will help you stay positive.

4. Drink Water, Waste Not

We lose water through sweat, urine, stools, and breathing. Drink 2-3 liters of water every day to keep your cells hydrated so that the body can function properly. Water aids proper bowel movement, blood circulation, and maintains homeostasis and organ function.

5. Take A Break Before Breaking A Leg

Like a clogged drainage doesn’t work, a mind with too much to worry about doesn’t function properly. Take a break every once in a while to give your mind the chance to flush out worries. Travel, play a sport, join a dancing class, paint, play your guitar, and learn new things.

6. De-stress With Yoga, Not Movies

Switch off all electronic devices and stay away from all sources of radiations as much as possible. Choose a quiet place and de-stress by practicing yoga. Take the example of Jared Leto, who swears by the powers of yoga. He doesn’t look his age and is tremendously successful in life. Since stress is the main reason for many diseases and medical conditions these days, combat it to live a peaceful life. Yoga helps us to relax and therefore cures stress-induced health conditions.

7. Quit Smoking And Drinking Too Much, Live

It is not really worth doing things that we are told not to do, especially smoking and drinking too much alcohol. Too much free oxygen radical build-up can damage your DNA, alter the cell’s functions, and damage the organs. The worst part is, you will probably transfer your mutated genes to your offsprings. Quit smoking and drinking too much alcohol. Live to fulfill your dreams.

New Year symbolizes a new beginning, a second chance, and limitless possibilities. Times gone by won’t come back, but you can definitely make your future better by taking baby steps today. Have a very healthy, happy, and happening New Year. Take care!

15 Reasons Protinex Is The Best Protein Supplement

It often becomes a burden to choose the best out of so many options, especially when all of them claim to be the best. Let me clarify. I had been working out regularly, and I was very happy with the amount of weight I lost. But it also left my skin sagging. My trainer suggested that I take protein supplements and include a lot of protein-rich foods in my diet.

Though I started eating a lot of protein-rich foods, I did not get the desired results. This was probably because I am a vegetarian and was not getting other amino acids required by my body. Since eating non-vegetarian food was not an option for me, I started looking for a protein supplement that would help me build lean muscle mass and make my body look more toned.

So, one day, I was driving back home when big hoardings of Protinex and Ensure caught my eyes. After reaching home, I looked them both up on the internet, and this is what I found.

1. Protinex has been in the Indian market for more than 50 years.
2. It is the No.1 doctor prescribed protein supplement powder in India.
3. It is one of the most trusted protein supplement brands in India.
4. Protinex has lower calories (367 kCal) as compared to Ensure (410 kCal).
5. Protinex has 50% more protein (32 gm per 100 gm) than Ensure (15.1 gm per 100 gm).
6. Protinex has lesser carb and fat content (1 gm per 100 gm) as compared to Ensure (11.5 gm per 100 gm).
7. Protinex contains more potassium when compared to Ensure. Potassium reduces muscle soreness that is a result of training. It also regulates the water balance in your body and aids the synthesis of dietary proteins.
8. The labeling of Protinex is more transparent and customer-friendly.
9. The ingredients present in Protinex are disclosed, so the customer is aware of what goes into his/her body.
10. It has a recommended dosage on the label, which makes it easy for the users to determine the amount they should consume.
11. Protinex tastes better than Ensure.
12. It dissolves easily in warm water or milk and does not form clumps.
13. It comes in a variety of flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, elaichi, and fruit mix. Take your pick!
14. Protinex is also diabetic-friendly, since it has a sugar-free version.
15. It is so versatile that it can be used by anyone. Whether you want to use it to increase muscle mass, be more energetic, and strengthen your immunity, this protein supplement is the best one to opt for.

After discovering so many positives about Protinex and reading other user reviews as well, I was totally convinced that Protinex is the best protein supplement in the market. I could not wait a minute longer, and ordered it immediately! Today, I can confidently say that Protinex is highly efficient as I have gained the desired amount of lean mass and my body looks and feels amazing!

No Blu Blue Blocking Glasses – A Healthy Way To Sleep & Protect Your Eyes


We have reviewed many products that are good for health. But this review is different. It is about blue light blocking glasses that have been very popular with gamers and techies and which are now available for everyday users too. So whether you are on a night shift or are a phone addict, here is a natural and easy solution that surely makes you sleep well.

So what are blue light blocking glasses?


Blue light is ultraviolet and is emitted from screens – be it your computer, phone or even a TV. It is bad for your eyes and disturbs your sleep patterns. So here’s a solution. No Blu Blue Light Blocking glasses counter that effect with orange lenses that help you see screens without straining your eyes. The HB team used it for more than a month and boy could we see a different. I chat a lot personally before I doze off every night. I used to do it with these NoBlus on and it made me actually sleep well! It is based on a simple logic and it works like magic to put out the blue light from screens and even the sun.

PROS of No Blu Blue Blocking Glasses:

  1. Easy to use – wear & fall asleep in ten mins!
  1. Comfortable & comes with Flexi-Fit design
  1. Lets You Sleep Peacefully – Scientifically proven
  1. Rugged use acetate frames
  1. Unisex design

CONS (not actually much here) of No Blu Blue Light Blocking Glasses:

  1. No Indian equivalent to compare
  1. Only available in one frame colour
  1. Plastic frame, No metal options available
  1. Only available on Amazon & company site

The product as such is great and works well. If you really want to make good sleep and strain-free eyes your priority, you ought to have a pair of NoBlus!

You can buy it on Amazon of on nobluglasses.com


The Basics Of Health Insurance


Image: Shutterstock

A health policy has become more important now than ever, owing to our drastic lifestyle changes. 30 is the new 60 when it comes to health. Considering this paradigm shift, it is important to have a cushion. A medical insurance bought in good time serves as the perfect back up. When purchased early, it comes at a lower premium, lesser waiting time, and a host of other benefits.

When you go to buy a Health Insurance plan, medical insurance, or mediclaim, the terms the agents use can be incredibly intimidating. So why wait for that discussion with friends and family? This guide will help you through those conversations and heavy matter that you need to read through as you finalize your insurance policy.

To begin with, health insurance, medical insurance, and mediclaim are all the same thing. It is nothing but an insurance plan that protects you financially against medical emergencies. Depending on the plans you buy, the insurance can cover hospitalization as well as pre and/or post hospitalization expenses.

An Insight Into The Indian Scenario

The IRDA or Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority is the sole regulator of the insurance sector in India (1). If you are looking to buy medical insurance, you will have to pay a premium on the policy. In the event you incur hospitalization expenses, you could make a claim to the health insurance companies.

A few standard policies cover everything right from the ambulance charges to those incurred in the operation theater. But then, there are also other special policies that are more accurate for your family’s needs. The family medical insurance policy is usually a floater health plan that covers all the family members under a single policy. While this policy entails fund flexibility, it is possible that one member alone could exhaust the cover, leaving no amount for the others. So you must weigh your options before you invest.

Now that you know the basics of a medical policy, it’s time for you to get acquainted with some commonly used terms.

A Peek Into The Insurance Lingo

Here is a list of a few words that are commonly used in insurance parlance. This will help you understand what you are getting into.

1. Reimbursement Claims

Under these claims, you pay up the hospitalization expenses upfront. Eventually, you need to submit relevant proof like bills, doctor’s certificates, etc. and claim the amount from the insurance company.

2. Cashless Claims

These claims will allow you to avail treatment at a list of approved hospitals (by the insurance company) without having to pay any money to the hospital. In these instances, the insurance company settles the amount with the hospital. If you have picked such a policy, you will be given a health card that you need to show at the hospital.

3. Third Party Administrator (TPA)

A TPA is hired by an insurance company to process all claims.

4. Sub-limit

This limit usually refers to the maximum limit on a certain amount that can be claimed for that particular ailment. The sub-limit depends on the policy you buy – you can choose to either raise these limits or waive them off entirely.

5. Exclusions

The diseases that are not covered under the health insurance plan are called exclusions. Cosmetic surgery is usually excluded from health insurance.

6. Deductible

A deductible is usually the amount of loss borne by the policyholder. When the deductible is high, you pay lesser premium.

Always remember, a health insurance policy is an investment. It will minimize your financial burden when you are struck with medical emergencies. Do not forget to make an informed decision, though. We are sure this article will help you with the technicalities.

7 Reasons Why Investing In A Health Insurance Before You Turn 30 Is A Good Idea!

7 Reasons Why Investing In A Health Insurance Before You Turn 30 Is A Good Idea!

Image: iStock

A visit to the hospital brings with it endless hours of waiting, stress, and big bills. This is why investing in health insurance has become more of a need than a want. It is important more than ever now because the cost of medicines and treatments are increasing drastically. Also, there is a spike in lifestyle diseases across the world. In such conditions, you never know when a medical emergency might knock at your door, impacting you mentally, emotionally, and financially. Experts in the field recommend the purchase of a health plan while you are still young. Here is why a good health insurance plan can serve as your lifeline.

1. You Get the Best Bet If You Are an Early Bird

Typically, a plan that offers a 5-lakh coverage would cost you around Rs.5000 if you buy it when you are 25. As you get older, the price only increases. You will pay Rs.6000 at 35, and Rs.8000 at 45. To sum it up, the earlier you begin investing in a health plan, the lower the premium you have to pay.

2. The Employee Coverage Is Never Enough

There is no denying that there is a major increase in health care costs. Just a week’s hospitalization for a regular problem will cost way more than the coverage your company offers. God forbid, if something major does happen in the course of your life, you should rather be safe than sorry. It is best to plan for your future now, keeping in mind the contingencies that age brings with it.

3. Lifestyle Illnesses Can Strike Anytime

Gone are the days when you had to worry about your health only after you turned 60. Sedentary lifestyles have led to an increase in non-communicable diseases like heart ailments, diabetes, and even cancer. These diseases are claiming young lives. It has become extremely essential to stay ready for these problems, and getting your health insured is the first step. The reason being the good policies offer yearly health checkups that instill awareness. They also offer preventive measures and vaccines that help you manage your health better.

4. Early Investment in a Health Insurance Plan Amounts To Better Financial Planning

Buying a health insurance early is not only cheap but is also a financially sound decision. Accidents happen unannounced. A medical cover of a substantial amount will prepare you for emergencies, allowing you to plan your investments better. You will also save tax on the premium you pay.

5. Young Buyers Get a Blanket Deal

When you invest in a health insurance while you are still young and free of a pre-existing disease, you will be covered before time. Also, conditions diagnosed later will automatically be included.

6. The Waiting Period Will Be Over

When you buy a health plan, you usually have to serve waiting periods for big claims like special treatments, surgeries, coverage on pre-existing illness, etc. If you invest now, when you do not buy it immediately, you will have served all the requisite waiting periods, and can claim whenever required without conditions.

Another notable fact is that with time, you can earn loyalty bonuses. Continuing with the same policy year after year offers loyalty or no-claim bonus that is extremely beneficial.

7. More Than Just Hospitalization Is Covered

The newer plans also cover day-care and OPD consultations. Some policies also have maternity benefits, which might be relevant while you are in this stage of life. Your baby can be covered from birth without an additional premium.

It all depends on the level of coverage you opt for – it helps you pay for day-care procedures and ambulance. Certain policies even cover dental, chiropractic, optical, physiotherapy, and dietary advice. With health insurance, you can even customize the plan and gain an umbrella cover for your family too. What are you waiting for? Get your health insured today!

The Official HealthBeckon Comfy Mat Review

I was elated. I felt fresh and all charged up in the morning when I woke up. Now, what’s the big deal, everyone has a sound sleep, right? No, at least, I wasn’t having. I would turn and toss for a long time before I could fall asleep. And then it was quite a disturbed sleep.

Even when suffering from discomfort, I never realized that the problem was not with my body but with something on which I was resting. I couldn’t believe that a mattress could make so much difference that it was actually ruining my routine.


Coming back to where I began. How did the situation change for me? What makes me feel so elated now?

The answer is ComfyMat mattress! And why wouldn’t I share my happiness with you all?

ComfyMat mattress comes with a good blend of memory and high resilience (HR) foams, giving it the right ratio of comfort and firmness. In simple words, it is neither too hard nor soft. It is firm enough to support the body and smooth enough to take its shape. The mattress is simply well-designed to sink in with your body structure.

Let us go a bit deeper into the technical details of the product. The mattress comes with a three-layered foam.

The 2-inch top layer is made of the best-graded third generation memory foam. The foam was developed leveraging NASA technology that kept astronauts comfortable on board. The gel-based foam does not retain the heat transferred from your body. Thus, the mattress keeps you cool all night, without trapping your body heat!

The foam also has a minimum spring back time. What does this mean? Unlike any other mattress, ComfyMat gains its original shape soon after you are out of the bed. It is almost like you did not sleep on it all! Even if you sleep towards the end of the bed, no slip or slide down occurs.

The second layer is made of HR foam, while the third layer is made up of bonded foam. The HR foam ensures optimal support, ventilation, and elasticity. The mattress gets stability because of the bonded bottom foam. All these features certainly make ComfyMat the best among the available mattresses.


I am not yet done! Here are many more reasons, which made me opt for ComfyMat!

  • It is designed to create a hygienic sleep environment, as it is infused with aloe-vera gel.
  • It was big enough to accommodate me and my husband. When I slept on it, I felt like sleeping on a gentle and softer abode.
  • The best part is that the mattress comes in with an exciting deal! Try the mattress for 100 nights and return if you are not happy!
  • You will get your money back if returned within 100 days of purchase. Nothing can be more interesting than this! Irresistible deal isn’t it!



Its price is Rs. 19,999 on Amazon, India. I initially felt it was expensive for a mattress, but now I have no complaints at all! And I wouldn’t return it for anything, as what can be more precious than my sleep?

By the way, it has no shipping charges, since the product is shipped straight by the manufacturer to all the major cities in India.

The product comes with a ten-year warranty. It is the average life-span of the memory foam.

If you are longing for a sound sleep just like me, go for ComfyMat! Sleep like a baby and put your worries to rest!

5 Statement Pieces Every Kitchen Must Have

In our grandmom’s times, the kitchens were located in the house courtyards. However, we moved towards urbanization, and finding open spaces became a challenge, forcing planners and city developers to build housing units that were compact yet comfortable. Though kitchens moved indoors, the culinary workstation continued to occupy a significant place in the pads.


Today they have gone on to become modular, open and swish. It is a trend nowadays to do up the kitchen with modern appliances. They not only make cooking simple but also look elegant on the slab. So here are top 5 statement pieces your kitchen must have.

Food Processor

Whether you want to whip up a cake, make dough for the “chapattis” or cut vegetables for a healthy plate of salad, food processor is an essential appliance. The equipment comes with a variety of blades and attachments that make the tedious task of chopping, shredding and mincing fun. Many people buy a food processor but hardly use it. Make sure that the processor you buy is not just a novelty resting in the kitchen cabinet. Consider the number of attachments it has, and how it will ease your work in the kitchen on a day to day basis.

Juicer Machine

Processed breakfast items like cereals, breakfast bars, and packaged fruit juices have become quite popular amongst office-goers and college goers. These easy to fix breakfast menus may read healthy on the labels, but in actuality are laden with sugar and preservatives. Long-term consumption of such food can be detrimental to health, which is why it is wise to invest in a Juicer Machine. The health benefits of a freshly squeezed juice of your favorite vegetable or fruit are much more than the pre-packed ones. Moreover, Juicer Machine available these days are far more technologically advanced. One such example is the Kent Cold Pressed Juicer that retains nutrients and fibers and produces more juice. This Juicer Machine also makes less noise and is not very bulky is size. Just stack it up on the kitchen counter and enjoy a healthy glass of juice every morning.

Cooktop and Oven

Built in cooktop and oven is an essential piece for a modern kitchen. Compact and easy to use, this gas range allows you to cook traditional meals on the top, and in case you want to bake or try out exotic dishes like lasagna, pie or loaf, you can use the oven at the bottom. The advantage of cooktop and oven is that your counter top will look less cluttered and neat. And just in case you are a serial baker, a cooktop and an oven are what you need in your kitchen.

Electric Kettle

For morning tea or lemon and honey drink ritual, you need hot water. While most of us heat water on the gas stove, using an electric kettle will make things much easier. Just fill it with water and turn on the button and go about doing your thing, while the water heats up. You don’t want to worry about wasting electricity as the kettle will automatically turn off, once the water boils. The electric kettle comes with a comfortable handle that will allow you to pour water in the cup without spilling. It’s a must buy and overtime you will realize how easy it is to boil water in a jiffy.

Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is a must have in every kitchen. Although predominantly used to prepare rice, this appliance is a rather versatile piece. You can steam vegetables, dumplings and make a variety of dishes like halwa, biryani and even cook dal or boil eggs in it. The best advantage of a rice cooker is that it is an automated kitchen appliance and shuts off on its own once the rice or any other food item is cooked. It does not consume a lot of electricity and increases efficiency in the kitchen.

Kitchen appliances are built to make working in the kitchen efficient and easy. Given the hectic lifestyle, most often we shy away from cooking meals at home because cooking is perceived to be a tedious task. However, with these equipment, you will not feel the burden. So go ahead, grace your kitchen with these appliances and have fun preparing healthy, nutritious meals for your family.

PediKlear Callous Remover: Is This New Foot-Care Product Worth Your Money?

Beautiful, callous and crack free feet is something that would interest the majority of our readers, but it feels like every time a new product comes out promising them just that… it falls short. PediKlear, however, is the new device that’s been making waves in this space, but is it merely hype… or will the PediKlear Callous Remover truly give you those soft, beautiful and smooth feet you desire? We got our hands on a unit and put it through it’s paces. Let’s see what we found out.

Box Contents:

Let’s start off with the packaging and contents. Inside the white box we find:

The PediKlear Callous Remover Itself

Replacement Head

Cleaning Brush

Safety Cap

The Design

The device feels very sturdy in the hand, and it is not a surprise considering it’s water resistant feature. The casing that holds the batteries is easy to remove, but we do wish that the required batteries were included in the bundle. Anyway, moving on to the Mineral Surface Head, as PediKlear calls it, it feels quite solid and rough, but I guess it’s usefulness will only be revealed through testing. So let’s move on.



First thing to note is that the device is pretty powerful. Upon switching it on and applying it to our feet, it was evident how quickly it reduced the dry skin on our heels into a fine dust. We first tested the PediKlear after soaking our feet and performance was in fact good. While we don’t recommend that you use this device as a one time magic fix-it-all, we are happy to state that even after one time use, results were in fact visible, with our feet noticeably softer, but even more, smoother to look at.

Dry use was much the same, with even more fine dust – once hard, rough and dead skin on our feet. Results were pretty much the same as with the wet feet test, which is to say good, though your mileage may vary on the wet/dry preference. Personally, I prefer wet use.

Conclusion: Although we would have liked to test the device more thoroughly, we can in fact say that it works, and works well (which is more than can be said for a few other similar products that our staff had tried in the past). We just wish it came with its own batteries – but other than that, it just works, and the results are plain to see.

Verdict: 8.5/10. Just remember to pick up batteries as well.

Final Words: The PediKlear Callous Remover doesn’t come cheap, like some of the other entrants into this space. But that’s because it’s not like any of the other entrants. It feels premium enough, is built sturdy and is water resistant – a big plus for me personally.

And the performance is on point. In both cases of wet and dry use, results were clear and immediate. The slight tickling feeling is worth it when you see the rough, unsightly and hard skin being filed away – leaving you with feet the kind of which I’ve not personally had for a long time.

We wish that the two AA batteries required came in the box, and the price could be off-putting for some, but other than that, two thumbs up from us.

Verdict: Efficient, Great Performance. Recommended.

Pick up a PediKlear on Amazon.

Is KREA really the fastest hair straightener in India? We tried it out for you!


Well, there has been a lot of talk about Hair Straighteners that give salon-like results. And the new kid on the block has been making a lot of noise. So we tried out KREA to see it really is the best straightener in the country right now.

Our first impressions of KREA is good. The product is really ergonomic and fits your hand perfectly. The matte black finish is pretty decent and as the makers say – helps keep the brush smudge and scratch free.

Works Like A Wonder!


We tried out straightening – one with our in-house editor and another with a girl who’s got really frizzy hair. And voila, it actually worked well. The under four minutes was a stretch for the girl with frizzy hair. It took her about 5+ minutes to get it all done. But KREA certainly left us impressed. We still could get salon-like hair straightening in just 5 minutes. I could only imagine the numerous brilliant possibilities of having a hair straightener at home – one that could do so much in so less time. No more regular visits to the salon and most importantly – I wouldn’t need to spend Rs.800 every time I went to the salon. At a price of Rs.10,000 – I think it isn’t cheap but definitely worth it because I could get my return on investment in just 10 uses. And with a 1-year replacement warranty – I am pretty sure the product the good in the look run to.

So for all the pretty people who have been following my style tips and blogs – here’s a new product that surely deserves to be in your closet. I loved KREA for sure!! Plus – with a 30-day money back guarantee, you can try it and keep it only if you like it. Your can buy KREA right here.