5 Natural DIY Hair Masks To Get Rid Of Dandruff Permanently

5 Natural DIY Hair Masks To Get Rid Of Dandruff Permanently

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Is Dandruff destroying your confidence?
Are you too embarrassed to wear black?
Let me show you my favourite Diy Hair Masks For Dandruff!

Just like you, I believed that anti dandruff shampoos would work for me!
But they didn’t and I knew I needed a better solution!
After a lot of experimenting I discovered these DIY hair masks that actually work!
Okay, that’s enough talking, let’s get started!

Here’s how I got rid of my dandruff:

SkinKraft Review

SkinKraft Review

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I never thought trying customized skin care would help me put an end to my acne..

I’ve been literally stuck with acne since I was a teenager. After trying multiple products which failed to reduce my acne, I thought there’s absolutely nothing that can take care of my acne anymore.

But, I was wrong, just when I thought of giving up, my aunt told me about SkinKraft’s customized skin care regimen, and how it reduced my cousin’s acne, and blemishes in just 2 months!

Even though I was a bit doubtful whether these products would work on my skin and reduce my acne, I still wanted to give it a try by answering their questionnaire. SkinKraft’s questionnaire determines your skin type and your specific skin concern in just 5 minutes. After which it gives you a detailed report on your skin’s health, which I think is extremely helpful. As it helped me understand what my skin’s current health is, and what my skin needs to get the best results.

I thought to give the recommended regimen ago and ordered the trial pack to see whether it would work on my skin.

The Box & Packaging

The Box & Packaging

Finally, my regimen arrived after 5 days, and boy was I excited! I really liked the packaging and my box’s color.

→Inside My SkinKraft Box

Inside My SkinKraft Box

All in all, the packaging deserves full marks. I’m a DIY enthusiast, and I can definitely reuse this box to store some of my junk jewelry. They also gave me my usage instructions, so I know how and when I should use my products.

so I know how and when I should use my products.

so I know how and when I should use my products.

Package Rating – 5 / 5

Effectiveness – What I Noticed After Using My Regimen

I started noticing a difference in the way my skin looked and felt and the best part is that my acne had reduced drastically.

In just the first week of using my regimen, I noticed that my pores were clean and clear of any dirt and other particles that were clogging my pores.

The second week I was really surprised to see my pores shrinking, and noticed that day by day my skin was becoming clear, soft and bump free.

After one month, my family and friends also started noticing a difference in my skin, which told me that my regimen was the right choice for my skin. My skin actually feels clean, fresh and pimple free after a long time and I just can’t get over how good it feels to touch my face again without any bumps.

SkinKraft has literally changed my skin’s texture, appearance and my confidence to say the least.

I’ve already recommended SkinKraft to my friends and colleagues so they can understand how easy daily skin care could be with customized skin care.

What I Like About My Skinkraft Regimen

  • My regimen works perfectly on my oily skin and acne.
  • They also suggest, when I need to change or stop using any of my products.
  • Usage instructions are easy to understand and guide me on how, and when I should use my products to get the results I want.


What I Didn’t Like About My SkinKraft Regimen

I really like my regimen, but I would like it if they could make the prices a bit more pocket-friendly, as everyone won’t be able to afford a SkinKraft regimen. But, I guess since its customized just for my skin, and works better than any product I’ve used before, the pricing really doesn’t matter.

Helpful Follow Ups

SkinKraft also follows up with you from week 1 to know my feedback on my regimen and my products, and if I experienced any issues during usage. This definitely gave me a sense of comfort and safety because, if I had any problems with my products, I can just give my feedback and SkinKraft will recommend what I should do next.

I just completed my 1st month of using SkinKraft, and my follow up says that I should continue using my acne active until my skin is completely clear.

SkinKraft Customized Skin Care –  4.5 / 5

After using the products for 1 month, I would give SkinKraft’s products and my regimen a 4.5 out of 5, because it’s just perfect for my skin type, helps me fight acne and gentle on my skin at the same time, and I can’t wait to see the full effect of my skin regimen.

You can also get your very own customized skin care regimen, by visiting www.skinkraft.com. I’m so satisfied with the results from my trial pack, that I’m actually going to buy a 3-month subscription plan to see how effectively SkinKraft’s products can work on my skin.

6 Ways To Treat Baby Diaper Rash Naturally

6 Ways To Treat Baby Diaper Rash Naturally

Image: Shutterstock

Scared your baby is going to get a diaper rash? Want to know how to get rid of diaper rash fast? Or prevent it altogether? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The first time my baby had diaper rash, just like any other new mother, I panicked too! I wasn’t sure how to get rid of diaper rash what had caused it or if I had done something wrong that made it spread. After I checked with my baby’s doctor I discovered that diaper rash can be caused by a number of things, I also learnt about diaper rash treatments.

Diaper Rash Causes:

Let’s start with the most obvious doubt, what is diaper rash?

It’s basically inflamed skin, it appears as reddish marks around your baby’s bottom and thighs.

If a diaper is too tight, you leave your baby in wet or unchanged dirty diapers for too long and even chafing can lead to a diaper rash.

So aside from learning how to apply diaper rash cream, here’s what helped me prevent and treat diaper rash in my little one.

How To Burp A Baby Fast 4 Best Burping Techniques

How To Burp A Baby Fast 4 Best Burping Techniques

Image: Shutterstock

Has your baby been spitting her food up? Crying non stop and you aren’t sure what you can do to help her? Well in this video ll teach you how to burp a baby fast!

Gas! Every baby has it, but not every parent knows how to deal with it. We’ve all had those days where no amount of rocking or walking or sweet talking can calm your baby down or stop her from crying. Gas can give your munchkin sleepless nights, that’s why it’s important to learn how to burp a baby fast!

To learn how to burp a baby you’ll have to watch the whole video!

7 Tips For Travelling With A Baby On A Plane

7 Tips For Travelling With A Baby On A Plane

Image: iStock

Travelling with your child for the first time? Not sure what you need to do? – Then sit back, relax and get ready because this video we’ll tell you everything you need to know about travelling with a baby.

Travelling with a baby doesn’t have to be a scary experience. The key is to to be prepared.

Travelling With A Baby Tips And Tricks: The Baby Bag

The number one way you’ll ensure that you’re prepared? A baby bag!
You will need a checklist, something that ensures you don’t miss out on anything. You can either write one down, or download one and print it out. Here are the things you simply cannot miss:

1. Diapers
2. Changing Pad
3. Plastic Bags
4. Favorite Toys
5. Wet Wipes
6. Clothes
7. Blankets and shoes

These are just a few of our amazing tips for travelling with a baby. Want to see them all? Then you’ll have to watch the full video! Enjoy!

How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night

How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Image: Shutterstock

Mothers, have you wondered if it was really possible to get your baby to sleep through the night?

We know how important sleep is for a young baby, and we desperately need some rest ourselves, but let’s face it, it’s difficult to get a baby to sleep.

That’s exactly why in this video we are going to show you all the tips and tricks to get baby to sleep through the night!

Lemon Detox Diet – Everything You Need To Know

Lemon Detox Diet

Image – Shutterstock

In the modern era of a hectic lifestyle, it has become natural that most of us look for quick ways of losing weight. Several crash diets and fad diets have come into being for weight loss in a short span of time. Lemon detox diet, also known as the “Master Cleanse” is one of the popular and effective among fad diets. Though it might not be familiar to many people, it has been practiced by several Hollywood celebrities. It gained popularity when Beyonce, the famous Hollywood singer lost around 20 pounds in 2 weeks after following this diet. Continue reading

Darvi Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil Review: Permanent Results With 54 Ayurvedic Ingredients

Darvi Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil Review Permanent Results With 54 Ayurvedic Ingredients

To get rid of dandruff, the remedies that most people like me depend on are the usual dandruff treatments. Shampoos, creams, lotions, hair-masks. And they’ve all just not got rid of the problem.

My flakes and the itchiness, returned in a few days of not using an anti-dandruff shampoo. Before Royal Indulgence Darvi, I used an anti-dandruff shampoo at least two times a week. I was always trying to hide it, and keep others away from knowing that I have such a scalp condition.

When I heard Royal Indulgence Darvi Anti-Dandruff Oil could permanently diminish your dandruff, I was thrilled. In just 10 applications, up to 70% of your dandruff symptoms are to permanently disappear. And in a month, 90% – never to return in it’s former severity.


Darvi Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil Review

The hidden power behind Ayurveda: Why Royal Indulgence Darvi Works

Age lifestyle, infection and allergies are just the tip of the iceberg. Most all dandruff remedies today do not treat all of the causes of dandruff.

Royal Indulgence Darvi is uniquely made of 54 herb and plant extracts! Each has a particular purpose, addressing all of the dandruff-causing factors at once. These 8 especially vital components in Darvi ensure you can say goodbye to dandruff for good.

Darvi clears, protects and nourishes your scalp. It basically acts as a 360 degree scalp remedy

  • The ingredients neutralize the Malassezia fungus causing your dandruff
  • Calm the scalp itchiness and irritation
  • Hydrate any and all dryness
  • Give you a long-term, permanent relief from dandruff

I also had an easy time using Darvi, as it took no more than 15 minutes of use before I slept!


  1. Provides long-lasting relief from dandruff. Don’t accept using potentially harmful synthetic shampoos and treatments twice or thrice a week. Use Royal Indulgence Darvi only once or twice a month, after the initial 7-week intensive treatment period.
  1. Targets ALL the main causes of dandruff. Whether you have it from an infection, dry scalp, or bodily factors. All the 50+ herbal extracts and oils treat dandruff from all angles. ALL problems solved, for much more than just 3 days.
  1. Intensive, one-time treatment. Instead of applying damagingly weak treatments for years, completely get rid of 70% of the problem in the 10-day sitting. 90% of your dandruff GONE in 30 days.
  1. Most effective, gentlest way to get a flake-free head. Other non-natural solutions strip hair of oil, nutrients, and moisture. Natural Sulphur is extremely effective and very gentle at removing dandruff. No damaging your scalp, only destroy your worries.
  1. Recurrence is greatly diminished. As all main causes are treated, dandruff will NEVER return like it used to. No 3-4 treatment applications every week. Only once or twice a month after the initial usage.
  1. Moisturize and nourish your scalp. Olive and Coconut oil richly moisturize your scalp without blocking your pores. Karanja oil, Bakuchi, and Tuvarak heal inflammation, itching, and add ensure you have a healthy scalp. For the first time – kill the infection and solve your dry scalp issue. NO FLAKES in sight!
  1. Save on money. You don’t have to buy ineffective treatments frequently. Beyond 2 or 3 months, only twice per month usage is needed. That means eventually, ONE bottle will last you for many, many months.
  1. Zero side-effects. This is entirely all-natural. Made from fresh, quality, purified ingredients. Cannot affect skin, scalp, or hair in any adverse way. Colored hair can use it. People with allergies to Sulphur shouldn’t use this.
  1. Less hair fall, stronger hair, more shine. This unique blend of Ayurvedic ingredients also reduces hair fall by removing majority of your dandruff problem. The result: healthy scalp and hair follicles that can grow strong, shiny hair.

 Top 10 Dandruff-Defeating Ingredients In Darvi

The creators of Royal Indulgence Darvi have used specialized ingredients that together target all the causes of dandruff. Here are a few of the 54 plant and herbal extracts and 7 cold-pressed oils in Darvi.

Neem: A potent, natural antifungal and antimicrobial that weakens and removes Malassezia infection on the scalp that causes dandruff.


Tulsi: A well-known, concentrated herb to nourish your scalp while preventing and fighting infection.


Gandhak (Natural Sulphur): The safest, gentlest way to lift away flakes from your hair and scalp. Does not dry out or strip your scalp of essential oil like shampoos and synthetic ingredients.


Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: With large molecules that simply can’t block your pores, this oil solely hydrates and moisturizes your scalp. Also has a dominant antimicrobial effect.

Olive Oil

Cinnamon: A strong antimicrobial that relieves infection but also heals your scalp from daily damage.


Jatamansi: Another super-effective antifungal that targets infections – solving flakiness and itchiness. Additionally it is also known to promote hair-growth.


Lemongrass: A highly nutrient-rich oil that helps accelerate hair growth and prevent hair fall.

Nutmeg: Stimulates your scalp for better blood-flow, circulating more nutrients to your scalp. Thus ensures overall greater scalp-health and healing.


Karpoora: Soothes irritation by cooling your scalp, and counteracting the effects of irritants present on your scalp.


Karanja: One of the most hydrating oils moisturize your scalp thoroughly, while also acting as a soothing agent.


How To Use Darvi Anti-Dandruff Oil

For the first 10 applications use Darvi on every alternate night. Simply apply onto your scalp before you sleep, and massage for 20 minutes. Leave on overnight for best results, and wash off in the morning.

Use Darvi Dandruff Oil every alternate night for the first 10 days. Before sleeping, I massaged the oil into my hair for about 15 minutes. Laying a towel on my pillow, I woke up the morning after to wash it off in the shower.

I used a mild shampoo to wash it off, but cleaned my hair and scalp thoroughly. After the first 10 applications, I used Darvi twice a week, for 30 days.

Final Thoughts

With Darvi’s result-oriented approach to dandruff by providing permanent reduction, its 54 all-natural and Ayurvedically-selected ingredients, and considerable ease of use – we give Royal Indulgence Darvi Anti-Dandruff Oil Darvi a solid 4.4 out of 5 stars!


Dentologik Advanced Oral Care – Review

Everyone wants clean and bright teeth

Everyone wants clean and bright teeth but no one really likes to take all that effort. Dirty yellow teeth are a big no from everyone and the dentist visits are nothing less than a nightmare. The costs that these dental hygiene add up to more than you would actually want to spend.

To take care of oral issues and maintain good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing are the two most basic activities required. There has been a spike in the number of oral irrigators available in the market. These irrigators are proven to do twice the efficient cleaning as compared to the traditional string floss.

One such oral irrigator is Dentologik which claims to be better than any other competitor out there like the Panasonic Oral Irrigator or the Oral Care Smart Water Flosser. We tested Dentologik ourselves and the results did leave us impressed. Read on to know our thoughts about it.

About Dentologik Hi Speed Dental Flosser

Dentologik Hi-Speed Dental Flosser – the fastest, safest and the most efficient way to oral care. Dentologik is India’s 1st FDA approved hi-speed dental flosser which gives you brighter, cleaner teeth in just 1 minute! It easily removes upto 99.9% plaque from treated areas. It can access corners of the mouth and depths of gum line which traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach.

It has technology & built quality that’s so robust that you will never have to worry about its functionality and performance, whether you are using it regularly at home or taking it with you on a holiday. Dentologik also comes with a 1-year replacement warranty.

Dentologik comes with 3 different modes for flossing according to your personal needs. It is absolutely light and handy which makes your whole flossing experience an absolute delight.

Buy Now

The Performance

The Performance

The device gets fully charged in about 8 hours and is then ready for use. I filled it with mouthwash as I prefer a more minty feeling. It can be used with water too. After filling the water I attached the nozzle to it and the device was ready to go.

Once switched on, it starts leaving an aerated stream of water/mouthwash which effectively cleans between the teeth and massages the gums too. I have sensitive teeth so I chose the soft mode for my flossing and it was perfect for me. It roughly took me around a minute to clean all my teeth and gums.

I found Dentologik absolutely easy to use and loved how clean my teeth looked and felt in just a few uses. Once charged it lasted for about a week even if I used it twice a day sometimes.

5 Reasons Why Dentologik Is Better Than Panasonic Oral Irrigator

  1. It provides you with the option of 3 modes of cleaning whereas the Panasonic variant costs much more and provides just 2 modes of cleaning.
  2. Dentologik comes with 2 extra replaceable nozzles unlike the Panasonic oral irrigator.
  3. Panasonic oral irrigator is battery operated which just adds to your expense. Dentologik on the other hand is absolutely rechargeable.
  4. Dentologik comes with a 30 day no questions asked refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can claim a full refund within 30 days!
  5. Dentologik has a much more ergonomic design as compared to Panasonic. It is easy to handle and feels absolutely comfortable in the hand.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Dentologik does fairly deliver everything that it claims and one can themselves see and feel the difference in their oral hygiene once they use it for some time. It is definitely a one time investment which will reduce your dental expenses a lot.

Buy your Dentologik here