13 Things All Girls With Acne Will Understand

“You know wearing make-up every day is really bad for your skin?” You know you’re actually extremely annoying?

1. People are always giving you unwanted advice about your skin and it never works.




You don’t have problem skin, you have a medical condition, and your fancy soap won’t fix it.

2. Make-up can really give you a new kind of confidence.


Finding a foundation that actually covers your spots is invaluable. Cassandra Bankson does the most amazing tutorial for covering cystic acne here.

3. Which means it is REALLY annoying when people tell you not to wear it.


Whether it’s people telling you that it makes your skin worse – no, it doesn’t, and even if it did I’d still do it because it gives me confidence.

Or people saying you don’t need make-up – I know you mean well, but really I decide what I need.

Or, worst of all, people saying they prefer a “natural look” – just no.

4. You can feel dirty, even though that you’re probably the cleanest person you know.


Having acne means I never go to bed without taking my make-up off and I always wash my face at least twice a day.

I know girls with perfect skin who only wash their face when they have a shower and just use a make-up wipe in the morning, but to me they look cleaner than I do.

This is another reason it is a bad idea to suggest a new facewash to someone with acne, because it can seem like you think they have acne just because they don’t wash enough.

5. People who tell you to eat less chocolate can go to hell.


Even if chocolate and junk food does make my skin a little bit worse, there is no way I’m giving it up.

6. The first time someone sees you without make-up it feels like a big deal.


7. When people say they never noticed you had acne it is really nice – but also difficult to believe.


8. Treatment for acne is harsh, and often has nasty side effects.


The main culprit is Roaccutane, or Accutane as it’s sometimes known. It is a serious drug with seriously bad side effects. It dries your skin to the extent that it is recommended that you don’t wax while taking it, as your skin is too fragile. It gives you permanently chapped lips, and often gives you itchy, dry eyes. In addition, some think it leads to depression and the NHS advises against taking Roaccutane if you have suffered from depression in the past.

If someone with acne chooses to go on Roaccutane they probably know all of this, have had advice from a doctor, and have made their decision. So giving them a lecture on how bad it is for them is not a good idea.

9. The fear of scarring is real.


And the reality of it is pretty shit. Which is yet another reason why it’s annoying that many people see acne as a petty teenage complaint rather than an actual medical condition.

10. It’s not just on your face.


Which is proof that the theory that make-up causes acne is bullshit.

I didn’t wear backless tops or dresses for years, and at the height of my acne I would always wear at least a T-shirt.

11. It’s not all about how it looks.


Having acne can be really uncomfortable, and sometimes actually painful.

12. Having acne often feels like a cruel joke.


It’s so out of your control – occasionally you’ll have a good day and think, “Oh my god, maybe I’m finally out of teenage skin at age 23.” But more often you’ll wake up the morning of an important presentation with a great big boil on your chin.

13. It is hard not to punch girls in the face when they’re moaning about their one spot.




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