5 Common Habits That Harm Your Skin

5 Common Habits That Harm Your Skin

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Does your skin look dull every time you look into the mirror, and you wonder why? If you do not apply sunscreen before you leave for work, then you need not wonder why your skin has lost its glow. Most often we fall short of tending to our skin’s needs and compromise on our skin’s health. To have beautiful and healthy skin, we need to take good care of it. It does not mean you need elaborate skin care routines. Instead, the secret to healthier skin lies in a healthy lifestyle. Try abstaining from the following list of things and you will see the result as your skin regains its lost glow.

  1. Sleeping Late: None of us like the bags under our eyes, or the dark circles around our eyes. However, they are evidence of lack of sleep. One of the worst treatments we can dole out to our bodies is by sleeping late. It is an unhealthy practice since it leads to weight gain, and it also puts your skin’s health at risk. Lack of sleep causes the secretion of the hormone ghrelin that stimulates the feeling of hunger. Also, your face evidently puts on weight before any other body part. So, when you begin to gain weight around your face, you tend to look bloated. When you get proper 7-8 hours of sound sleep, your skin rejuvenates itself. Proper sleep also ensures that your skin is hydrated. Your dark circles go away, and you skin no longer feels dull. Also, when you go to bed, remember to remove your makeup. Heavy makeup loaded with chemicals block your skin pores and increase chances of acne breakout. So, get a good night’s rest, and simultaneously allow your skin to relax. You will wake up with refreshed mind, skin and body.
  1. Popping Zits: When you scratch your skin frequently, there are lesions and scars that take months to heal, or are permanent. If you have chronic acne problems, the first advice a dermatologist will give you is to not pick or pop those zits. A zit lasts for a few days, or maybe a week but pop it and it will lead to permanent scarring. Scarring from acne is your skin’s way to heal as the white blood cells try to replace the damaged cells on the punctured zit. The indentation is the result of the white blood cells and body enzymes forming a complex of cells that look pink and scaly. Popping the zits allows bacteria and dirt to penetrate deeper into your skin pores and cause further infection. If, you do not want pink lesions on your face, don’t pop that zit!
  1. Forgetting To Apply Sunscreen: Most of us are now conscious of the harmful effects of the UV rays and use sunscreen. However, what kind of sunscreen lotion do you use, and how often? Ideally, we should apply sunscreen lotion at least 30 minutes before we leave for anywhere. Using sunscreen once in the day does not mean you are completely protected from the sun. You need to reapply every 2-4 hours. Also, we think a sunscreen lotion with SPF 100+ will keep us safe through the day. It is a misleading marketing claim that we tend to fall prey to. Instead, a sunscreen of SPF 30+ provides wide range protection from the harmful sun’s rays. It is not only important to use sunscreen, but it is also important to use proper procedure as already mentioned, to ensure maximum benefits and maintain healthy skin.
  1. Exfoliating Too Often: A perfect skincare routine includes exfoliation that helps in the removal of dead cells from the surface of the skin. If the dead cells are not removed, they accumulate, and clog skin pores increasing your acne problems. It also helps retain skin’s elasticity while preventing wrinkling. Exfoliation with the help of a scrub or a home remedy leaves your skin supple and healthy. However, if you exfoliate too often, your skin will lose the essential oil, ‘sebum’, that it secretes and will become dry and flaky. It also disallows new skin to build up. It makes the skin susceptible to irritation, inflammation and speeds aging. While exfoliation is necessary, you should never overdo it. For oily or acne-prone skins, use an exfoliating agent twice a week. While for normal or sensitive skin types, exfoliating once a week is best suited. After washing your face, never forget to use a gentle moisturizer. It helps restore some of the oil that is lost after washing your face.
  1. Taking Long Hot Showers: Who can say no to a long, hot shower? It is comforting and refreshing. However, it is bad for our skin. The warm water washes all the essential oils that your skin secretes to keep it moist. Your skin ends up becoming drier than it was before you walked into the shower. Washing your face with water too often has the same effects. So, reduce the time spent in the hot shower, and always moisturize after the shower. This way, you can ensure your skin is not too dry after every shower.


There are many other things you could do for better skincare like avoiding stress, eating healthy and getting some exercise. All healthy lifestyle habits help rejuvenate your skin health while restoring your general health. After you treat your skin right, you will notice the difference as your skin no longer looks dull. Instead, you look much younger, the bags under your eyes have disappeared, your face feels moist, and there is no tanning. You will no longer shy away from your mirror. Your mirror and you are going to become best friends. So, go ahead, ask your mirror, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?”

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