Cleaning your makeup brushes is easier than ever with this method

clean your makeup brushes


How to clean your makeup brushes in under five minutes — and how often

Makeup brushes are magical and can make us look flawless. But they can also give us a wicked case of acne if we don’t wash them often.

Beauty experts recommend giving your brushes a thorough cleaning every week to rid them of residue, oil and bacteria. I don’t know about you, but I seldom remember and am lucky if I get to my makeup brush cleaning routine once a month.

The silly thing is: It’s truly an effortless endeavor. To prove my point, I dropped everything I was doing this afternoon and made it a priority to clean my makeup brushes. I’m delighted to share that it took a whopping five minutes. Easy breezy.

Here’s the simple, effective way to make your makeup brushes seem like new again:

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Step one: Gather your materials

Gather your materials

You’ll need all of your brushes, a nice big bowl filled with lukewarm water and shampoo. I prefer baby shampoo because it’s incredibly mild, but I also have a baby to go with that shampoo — use whatever you have in your bathroom. Drop about a tablespoon of shampoo into the water.

Step two: Dip


Take each brush and dip it into the soapy water. Move the brush around your bowl so that you help loosen any residue or grease trapped inside. Confession: I used to submerge my brushes in soapy water. Years after being taught to do this, I just learned it can ruin the glue. Lesson learned: Only get the bristles wet. Thank you to the commenters on this article for alerting me!

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Step three: Rinse


Take your brushes out of the bowl of water and give each a separate rinse under cool running water. Again, no need to wash anything other than the bristles.

Step four: Lay them flat and Shape ’em

Lay them flat and Shape

Lay all of your brushes flat on a dry dishcloth or small towel. Using your fingers, push the bristles of your brushes back into shape. Continue to allow them to dry overnight.

Of course, you could get fancy and purchase a brush cleaner like Shu Uemura, which we hear is just lovely. How you handle your makeup brush business is totally up to you, but don’t neglect this crucial beauty step — your skin will thank you!


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