Common Cold Is Nothing Compared To What Comes Threatening To You From Un- Cleaned Air Conditioner

Common Cold


Air conditioners are real “spreaders” of bacteria and viruses if they are not maintained regularly and properly.

Because of the warm as hell wheatear that following in July and August, there is not nearly one household that is not using air conditioning. Still, many researches showed that although the air conditioner stops the hell inside your home, is should not be considered as your friend. It has very negative consequences for your health and it is more dangerous when the air conditioners are not cleaned regularly.

In the air conditioners, many bacteria and microorganisms are living, among the most dangerous ones from which legionella – which can be fatal for your life.

It is developing and multiplying inside the air conditioners which are not being cleaned in the right way and the symptoms which this bacterium is causing are weakness, nausea, muscle aches, increased body temperature and dry cough.

If it is not detected quickly on time, it may cause death.

Most vulnerable are people who have problems with respiratory organs, small children, chronically ill patients, alcoholics and elders.

The cooling system is the only salvation from the heat which meteorologist are announcing. After winter, time has come to prepare your air conditioner for the upcoming heat.

Air conditioners at home, car or at work are essential during the summer. The unbearable heat can only be over lived with air conditioners which cool and clean the air. And is it really like that?

Air conditioners are real “spreaders” of bacteria and viruses as I previously said if they are not maintained regularly and properly. Poor maintenance of air conditioners leads to appearance of allergies and various diseases.

The air that comes from the air conditioner, which is not maintained regularly often, is with bad quality and sometimes it has unpleasant smell. Wet, dirty and dark places inside the air conditioner are fertile ground for development and growth of bacteria, mold and fungi.

Spending time in this kind of environment can seriously impair your health. The most common effects are irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, coughing, itching, various diseases of throat and nose, frequent infections, headaches and mental fatigue.

Epidemiologists at the Institute of Public Health of Serbia said that through the air conditioner Legionaries Disease (Legionella pneumophilia) can be transferred.

Besides all the health reasons, there are also technical reasons why it is important to do regular air service and disinfection of air conditioners. High and correct operation of the air conditioner is provided by controlling the refrigerant (Freon) also known to people as supplement to air and oil which lubricates the compressor. With this longer service of life will be ensured, reliability and reduced power consumption.

Many drivers do not pay attention to the condition of their car air conditioner. One of the most important things is the replacement of air conditioning filters, which are typically carried out during small car service.

After the expiry of the warranty period of the vehicle, people often try to save money and only replace their oil inside the engine and eventually change the filter of oil and air and forget to replace the filter of air conditioner. This is one big mistake!

The dirty filter from the air conditioner prevents the air to circulate and efficiently cool the interior of the vehicle. When the air conditioner is on, the engine consumes more fuel and with it can be clearly concluded that servicing the air conditioner pays off in the long run.

Common is the mistake when the technician is invited after the occurrence of the problem, and after people start to feel ill in the room, when the conditioner is not cooling or warming enough and when it stops working completely.

Before the start of season, it is necessary to call service technician to examine whether the device is correct and to make complete cleaning and disinfection. Also, if it is necessary, refilling of Freon, oil and other changing of worn parts should be done.

From air conditioner, pain in joint and heart pounding are appearing and also it may lead to asthma and bronchitis.

Even 50 percent of diseases in enclosed spaces are happening due to polluted air and the air conditioners accumulate bacteria, molds and fungi that cause severe infections.
If it is regularly and highly maintained, air conditioner saves from unbearable heat, purifies the air, reduces humidity and removes unpleasant odors.
But, there are dangers which usually are occurring due to irrational temperature adjustments and irregular maintenance.

The differences between indoor and outdoor temperature should not be higher than five or six degrees and the air conditioner should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year.

Throughout the whole conditioner, not just in the filter are present dirt, mold, fungi and bacteria that can cause several diseases.

Avoid directly exposure to jet of cold air from the air conditioner. Mostly there are the different types of respiratory infections (viral pneumonia including bronchitis), irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat, cough, severe headache, fatigue and lack of concentration.

This set of symptoms is called “sick building syndrome”.

Symptoms are improved or stopped after patients leave the building with a bad air conditioning for the weekend or during the holidays.

But, the most dangerous bacterium that can be developed inside the air conditioner is Legionella, which causes Legionnaire’s disease. It is a subspecies of pneumonia and develops from two to ten days after inhalation of Legionella. The disease begins with weakness, headache and somnolence with fever of 39 ° C-40.4 ° C.

Diarrhea and dry cough can also appear.

On higher risk of the disease are exposed chronic patients, people with weakened immunity, smokers and alcoholics and generally men are those who suffer from it more often.

To avoid this danger from the air conditioner professionals should service it regularly and from some conditioners, the internal filters can be washed in water every 15 days.

Untreated air conditioner can trigger asthma attacks. In badly maintained air- conditioners, fungi, dust, hair dust mites and etc. can be accumulated and also various chemical compounds can be extremely harmful for people who suffer from allergies and to encourage asthma attacks.

Keep the children away from the air conditioner. Especially is important to keep an eye on the temperature in the room in which the air conditioner is present, where the children usually stay. If it is too cold or warm, the children may get an ear infection.

Common Cold1

Instructions for use:

If you leave from your house or apartment for more than 15 minutes, turn off the air conditioner because there is no sense of it working while you are not in the room.
If you use the device overnight, we recommend the inclusion of night or silent operation because it reduces the noise and also saves electricity.
If you raise the temperature of the conditioner throughout the day for only two or three degrees it will reduce the electricity consumption by 60%.

Joint pain, runny nose, faster heartbeat…

If you set your air conditioner on too cool, the body will receive a temperature shock every time when you leave the conditioned rooms on hellish heat and this is very dangerous for children, elders and chronically ill people. They are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and to heat stroke, which can be fatal.

Differences in temperature more than eight degrees are laden the cardiovascular system. The heart will pump faster because the vessels will not be able so quick to spread and collect. Due to this the condition of cardiac patients can be worsen and even health and young people will experience pain in chest.

Strong air conditioning can cause discomfort to people who wear contact lenses and can worsen the conjunctivitis. But, the most common reactions to unnatural cold air- conditioned rooms are runny nose, sniffing, cough and other symptoms which are similar to flu.

Most of the air conditioners do not have humidifier and dry air dries out the mucus membranes o the nose and mouth and the nose may start bleeding.

And, if you struggle with chronic pain in the bones and joints, air conditioned areas will worsen your condition.If you do not have such problems it is very likely that after long drive in the car, you will feel pain in shoulders and neck or if you lower the temperature inside the cabin in relation to the outside. And air conditioners inside the car should be regularly cleaned and serviced.

How to play better role with your air conditioner

  • Due to danger of fire do not connect the power cable to power outlet and thereby use the same power to power the air conditioner.
  • If you leave your apartment or house for longer period of time than 15 minutes, it is recommended to turn off the air conditioner because there is no sense of wasting energy in the space where you are not present.
  • If you turn on the device during the night, it is advisable to set it on the so called night/quite/silent mood operation. It will reduce the noise and also will use cheaper power.
  • If you raise the temperature of your air conditioner for only two or three degrees, it will reduce the power consumption by approximately 60 percent. Dry air from the air conditioner dries and damages the skin.
  • Due to the dry air, the skin loses moisture and it worsens the condition of those who are suffering from eczema and other skin diseases. In summer, this increasingly appears and due to it the skin becomes dry and cracked.
  • Do not spend too much time with babies in cold shopping malls. Most of the malls in the summer are really cold and the quality of air inside is doubled and it is not recommended longer stay in them. This is especially recommended to young couples who come there often with babies.
  • Easily reduce the temperature inside your car. The temperature in the car should be reduced gradually, especially if it was exposed to sun for longer period of time. Before starting, ventilate the space with opened windows and then 15 before exiting the vehicle, turn of the air conditioner because like this the vehicle will easier adapt to the outside temperature.
  • If you properly position the temperature of the air conditioner and clean it regularly you will live more comfortable and bring positive effect on your health. Cooled air will improve the cognitive abilities and intellectual function. Besides it will reduce the burning of heat and fever.

In the end, very important advice: The difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature should not be higher than seven or eight degrees and cleaning and service should be done at least once a year.


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