Lemon Detox Diet – Everything You Need To Know

Lemon Detox Diet

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In the modern era of a hectic lifestyle, it has become natural that most of us look for quick ways of losing weight. Several crash diets and fad diets have come into being for weight loss in a short span of time. Lemon detox diet, also known as the “Master Cleanse” is one of the popular and effective among fad diets. Though it might not be familiar to many people, it has been practiced by several Hollywood celebrities. It gained popularity when Beyonce, the famous Hollywood singer lost around 20 pounds in 2 weeks after following this diet. Continue reading

Traditional Asian Diet – What Is It, Dietary Guidelines & A Simple Diet Chart

Traditional Asian Diet

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When we talk about some of the healthiest diets, traditional Asian diet is definitely placed high on the list. It is the perfect example of a well balanced diet that provides all the essential nutrients needed by the body. It is high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants and low in saturated fat. It mostly incorporates vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes and is low in meat and dairy products. This diet follows the dietary principles of historical diets of rural China, Japan and other Asian countries. It is suitable for an average healthy adult while others like pregnant women, children and those with medical issues should consult their physician before resorting to this diet. Continue reading

What Is Flat Belly Diet & What Are Its Benefits

What Is Flat Belly Diet & What Are Its Benefits

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Wondering about the flat belly diet! Conscious to know what is it all about! Here is an overall review on flat belly diet that will help you in understanding its essence.

There could be nothing more tempting than losing belly fat without exercising. Most of the fad programs make tall claims up front, but end up disappointing once you read the details and conditions of the diet. Here is the perfect diet plan to help you lose the belly fat, even without doing a single crunch. The Flat Belly Diet program promotes eating a low calorie diet, high in monounsaturated fats in order to flatten the belly. Continue reading

Engine 2 Diet – Everything You Need To Know

Engine 2 Diet

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“Real men eat plants, they do not eat meat. Go Plant strong”. This is the motto of Rip Esselstyn, the creator of the Engine 2 diet.

What is a Engine 2 diet? Wondering what are its benefits? Will it be helpful for me and how will it be good for me? Well, we will be looking into all these points and a bit more.

Rip Esselstyn is currently a firefighter, a former athlete and a medical scion. His grandfather, Caldwell Esselstyn, a former surgeon led the research on the prevention and reversal of heart diseases through a plant based diet. Rip Esselstyn was so inspired by the dramatic results that he wrote a book named The Engine 2 Diet on it. The book then turned out to be a national bestseller and several people adapted this dietary regime.

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The South Beach Diet – Everything You Need To Know About The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet

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Replace “bad carbs” and “bad fats” with “good carbs” and “good fats” to lose weight and improve heart health! This is the principle behind the South Beach Diet.

Arthur Agatston, a renowned cardiologist and dietician developed the South Beach Diet plan. The diet was designed as an alternative to low fat diet plans like Ornish and Pritikin Diet. According to the proponents of this diet, cutting down the carbohydrates and fats from the diet cannot help you lose weight quickly. It can only be done by choosing right carbohydrates and the right fats. Eating foods loaded with fiber and nutrients can help you kick the cravings, jumpstart the weight loss and keep the unwanted pounds off.

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ABS Diet – Everything You Need To Know About ABS Diet

ABS Diet

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Abs Diet – a complete guide!

Do you secretly wish to look like those oh-so-perfect models on the fashion and beauty covers? Wish to wear perfect fitting clothes and make a style statement?

Then get beyond the envy and try the Abs diet. Adam Zinczenko, the creator of the Abs Diet, gives you a six-week diet program to flatten the stomach and get a lean physique. The diet is built around 12 foods, which provide you all the vitamins, minerals and fibers you need to thrive. These foods turn on the metabolic fat furnaces and put the resulting energy to work for building the muscles. The program also helps to nourish the body and mind, reduce the cravings and maintain an excellent physique.

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Top 15 Vitamin K Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet

Vitamin K foods

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Vitamins are an important part of our daily nutrition. But when it comes to vitamin K, most of us are rather unaware of its importance and the role played by it in our health. Before moving on to the foods that contain vitamin K, let us first analyze this vitamin and the health benefits offered by it.

Importance of Vitamin K:

Vitamin K is basically a fat soluble vitamin in which the “K” is taken from the German word “Koagulation” (Coagulation) which refers to the process of blood clotting. Thus, vitamin K is needed for protein modification and blood clotting. Vitamin K is available in two naturally occurring forms, vitamin K1 and vitamin K2.

  • Vitamin K1, also known as phylloquinone, is the predominant form of vitamin in the diet being synthesized by plants.
  • Vitamin K2, also known as menaquinones, is formed with repeating 5 carbon units in the side chain of a molecule. It comes from plant sources and is formed by the synthesis of intestinal bacteria.

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Top 20 Vitamin E Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet

Vitamin E Rich Foods

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Youthful and flawless skin, healthy immune system, enhanced metabolism.. All these can be acquired with sufficient amounts of Vitamin E in the body.  Are you aware of the importance, functioning and the best food sources of vitamin E? Even if your answer is no, you can delve into reading them through the post.

Vitamin E is a collective name of eight fat-soluble vitamins with distinct antioxidant properties. The naturally occurring vitamin E exists in eight chemical forms- alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherol and alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocotrienol. Alpha tocopherol is the only form of vitamin E that is recognized to meet the human requirements.

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Top 15 Vitamin B12 Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet

Vitamin B12 Rich Foods

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Vitamin B12, also known as Cobalamin or cyanocobalamin, is an essential nutrient involved in the functioning of the body. It plays a vital role in the metabolism of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Vitamin B12 is required by the body to maintain healthy nerves and red blood cells. It is also concerned with the making of the DNA found in all the cells.

Vitamin B12 is found neither in plant nor in animals. It is manufactured by the bacteria and is synthesized by the animals by eating vitamin B12 contaminated foods. Vitamin B12 can be consumed in large doses as the excess is excreted by the body or is stored in the liver for future supply. The most common sources of vitamin B12 are meat, seafood and dairy products. Vegetarians can get their daily dose by eating dairy, eggs and fortified foods.

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Glycemic Index Diet – Everything You Need To Know


You might have come across various diets, and now in a search for a diet that goes in hand with diabetes? There is a diet designed for diabetics that works to control blood sugar levels. Here is an overview of glycemic-index diet for your understanding.

Glycemic Index diet is a general term for weight loss diet based on the blood sugar levels. It uses the glycemic index to guide the eating plan. The diet revolves around selecting the foods based on minimal alteration of the glucose levels. It was originally developed to improve the blood sugar in diabetes patients.

The Glycemic index and glycemic load are measures of blood glucose levels in the body. Glucose is the body’s main source of energy. It is used by the brain, muscles and other organs as a fuel. Glucose is set at 100 and all the foods are indexed against this set score. Continue reading