The Ultimate List Of Weight Loss Tips From 14 World’s Renowned Weight Loss & Fitness Experts

Experts Reveal Weight Loss Secrets

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To help you with weight loss, we have conducted an expert roundup for the most effective and best weight loss tips. We have received the best insights from the World’s renowned dietitians, nutrition experts, weight loss and fitness experts. You can read ahead to know the perfect expert tips for a healthy living. you can ask us if you have any questions.

Weight loss & Fitness Experts
1. Roger2. Nikolett3. Dawn Ali
4. Makenna5. Monica6. Gabi Rose
7. Franklin Antoain8. Julieanna Hever9. George Hendra
10. Mark11. Mark Dilworth12. Andrea Metcalf
13. Christine Bullock14. Risse & PJ

Thank you so much for allowing me to participate. My single best weight loss tip is to control your environment by staying in ‘active’ mode, not ‘reactive’ mode. This simply means doing things like planning your evening meals for the week in advance, packing a lunch for work instead of eating out, having healthy snacks available instead of going to vending machines or convenience stores during the day. And of course, not only making physical exercise a part of your daily routine, but finding ways to incorporate activity during the more sedentary times of your day: taking the stairs at work, standing when making phone calls, visiting a co-worker in person rather than simply calling them.

– / @eatrightfitness

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My single most important tip is eating smaller protein containing meals more frequently, every 3 hours! / @Nikolett_iGotPT

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Thank you for allow me to participate here. The best weight loss tip I can offer is meal prep. In any aspect of fitness, diet is 80% and exercise is only 20%. Preparing and portioning out your meals in advance solves time and convenience excuses for those who have a busy schedule. It also helps prevent them from missing a meal which can slow down the metabolism or over eating over eating in which too many calories would be consumed making it harder to reach their goals. / @MacJoFit

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Focus on progress not perfection -one day at a time, do one thing to challenge yourself more than you did the day before …30 minutes of exercise nonnegotiable is minimum.

Blessings – this is direct quote from Chantel Hobbs

Faith Food and Fitness Corp / @ChantelHobbs

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Lifestyle Living

Change the way you live forever and incorporate ‘Lifestyle Living’ into your daily routine. Lifestyle living involves healthy eating, healthy drinking, exercising frequently and feeling great. This is the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Developing good nutritional practices early in life will lead to a lifetime of heart healthy eating habits. How do we expect the next generation to adopt lifestyle living? For starters, I recommend inviting the children of the house into the kitchen to help with food and mealtime preparation so parents can educate the kids about proper nutrition and eating responsibly. The time together is priceless and a stronger bond will emerge between family members. All parents want the best in life for themselves and their children; this also includes food! Parents are their youngsters primary role model and it is their responsibility to teach them right. Children often imitate their parent’s actions and a nutritionally uniformed grownup in the kitchen is unable to educate them about proper food preparation and consumption.

Childhood obesity is on the rise in and diabetes has become a serious concern among our young people. I have made a strong commitment to speak out about the dangers of these afflictions. It is my mission to motivate as many people as possible to think healthy and get themselves back on the right track. Each year I visit schools to educate the children about the importance of being active and eating healthy; in turn, each child brings my message home to share with their family. Helping our children develop healthy eating habits early in life will bring long lasting benefits for the entire family. It is imperative that we all embrace lifestyle living! Start by choosing a physical activity that you and your children enjoy doing together to get your hearts’ pumping. Once you acquire helpful, practical tips about eating meals rich in nutrition, you will be amazed to see how quickly the entire family’s quality of life improves. The best way to lead your child into a healthy mind set is by example. An inactive child is more likely to become an inactive adult. I invite you to join my campaign against obesity and help reverse the rising tide of fat and inactivity that is plaguing our society.

Remember, ‘diet’ is the food you eat and liquid you drink daily and ‘nutrition’ is how everything you eat nourishes your body. Our bodies will react differently to what we ingest depending on how capable it is to break the foodstuff down. The proper balance of good nutrition and a healthy regiment of physical activity can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. Take control of your life and write your own destiny! | @fitgabirose

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#1. The best way to lose weight is with a healthy, calorie specific diet. Everyone has an exact number of calories that they should consume daily. Find yours, stick with it and you’ll lose the weight. It’s science. Use this calc to estimate your needed calories.

#2. Your weight can fluctuate 3% throughput the day. Be sure to weigh in daily on the same scale at the same time of the day so you get an accurate reading. Weighing in the morning usually shows a lower weight. You can easily get discouraged if you have a low weight in the morning and a higher weight just before bedtime.

#3. Part of weight loss is giving up some of the high calorie, low nutrition food, but not to worry. Give yourself a treat once per week or so. This will help you deal with cravings, as you know you will have a cheat day coming up.

iBodyFit / @iBodyFit

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#1. Eat the bulk of your meals from vegetables and fruits. Start your meals with them to fill up before other food or eat everything on a bed of greens.

#2. Eat only when hungry, instead of on a timeline.

#3. Eliminate all oil from your diet to save hundreds of calories a day. / @PlantDietitian

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To reach healthy weight loss result, we have to burn our excessive fat stored in our body. That is why we need to do a fat loss program, not just weight loss. In fat loss program, our goal is to decrease the fat body percentage. Diet and exercise are the key to reach that goal. The discipline and consistent diet and exercise program will lead us to a success fat loss program. Here are some tips to get started on a fat loss program:

Eat Frequently. Eating small but frequent meals will avoid starvation and keep our body metabolism in its optimum level to burn calories. Eat 5 to 6 small portion meals contain high dietary fiber and protein food, and also healthy fat food is highly recommended to boost our body’s metabolism level. Eat more protein source food to help our lean mass building for a higher metabolic rate.

Lift Weight & Do Cardio. Increasing our physical activity will keep our body metabolism high, and it means more fat and calories will be burned. You can do any type of exercise, but weight training and cardio are the best combo to burn more fat and gain more lean mass. Increasing of lean mass we gained will make our metabolic rate remains high, so our body will burn more calories and fat.

Don’t Trust Your Scale Too Much. The success of our fat loss plan is not only measured by our weight scale. The scale only measures the total mass of the body, regardless of the composition of our body (fat and muscle). So, the best way to track our fat loss progress is by measuring our body fat level. We can use a body fat monitor to measure our body fat percentage or a measuring tape to measure our waist, hip, or arm circumference. We can see the change of your overall physical appearance. The decrease of our dress, shirt, or trouser size is also a good indicator of our fat loss.  / @DennySantoso

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mark, 4everfitlife

I don’t really use the word DIET because if you remove the T, you get DIE. When you tell someone they ‘can’t’ have something, all they do is ‘want’ it.  Instead, here are three important tips in permanent positive body composition change:

#1. Eat some quality protein at breakfast. Quality protein can consist of farm fresh eggs or organic protein powder. Having protein in the morning with your normal quality carbohydrate starts the body off strong for the day and permeates a more full feeling thereby avoiding big time hunger issues.

#2. Avoid processed and packaged foods and sugars. These are all nutrient deficient and outright damaging to your body. You can eat two pieces of fruit before mid-day with good results. Further, eliminate all high glycemic carbohydrates. My website has a printable glycemic index.

#3. Avoid all carbohydrates at least 3 hours before going to bed. This reduces the insulin surge and allows your body to utilize fat for energy throughout the night. If carbohydrates are ingested in that period, it perpetuates fat storage as your body will use or create sugars in which to get its’ fuel because of the higher insulin surge.

Thank you for allowing my participation. / @marksherwood4e

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#1. Make a commitment to a lifetime of fitness, fat loss and weight loss. Forget about fad diets, starvation diets and quick weight loss gimmicks. They will leave you fatter in the long-term. You will regain more weight than you previously lost.

#2. Be willing to change your eating habits. 60 to 70% of your weight loss/fat loss success or failure will depend on healthy, managed nutrition.

It is also important to establish foundational eating habits, such as eating adequate amounts of the macronutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates) every day. After doing this, you can move on to more advanced eating techniques, such as carbohydrate cycling.

You cannot eat as much as you want (or maintain consistent, daily caloric surpluses) and still lose weight. On the opposite end, you can’t starve yourself and expect to succeed long-term with weight loss and fat loss. Starvation will cause your body to go into survival mode and store fat.

Keep a food journal. By logging your actual food choices, you are holding yourself accountable throughout the day. It will help you to plan your meals better. A food journal will also help you control emotional eating and binge eating.

#3. You must change your body’s composition to more muscle mass and less fat mass. Lean body transformation keeps the weight loss off for good. You must increase muscle mass to become a “fat-burning machine.” So, your metabolism will speed up when you build muscle. This helps you burn more calories during the day and at rest.

Concentrate on compound (multi-joint) strength exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, planks and rows because they work and build more muscle groups. Plan on strength workouts at least 3 days a week, 30-40 minutes per session.

Just doing cardio exercise will not get your body lean. Instead, it will waste away your fat-burning muscle mass. / @myfitnesshut

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#1) Always include protein (at least 20 grams) in every meal whether plant or animal based proteins it helps to stabilize blood sugars so you are not as hungry and more importantly slow the absorption of carbs.

#2) Try the 10 minute before or after rule – Walk for 10 minutes before or after each meal – this helps you reach your 10,000 steps you should be doing daily for the minimum amount of heart healthy exercise.

#3) Love where you’re at and know where you’re going – You need to step on that scale and understand the process – knowing point A to Point B is crucial to seeing if you are moving in the right direction with your diet and exercise program. Loving yourself and not giving in to those ANT”s (another negative thought) helps reduce stress and ease tension. / @Andreametcalf

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#1. Start the day with lemon water and a green juice to continue the cleansing that occurred during the night and create an alkaline base to start the day.

#2. When I start working with a new client I aid in giving their digestive system a break. Typically the foods and type of meals they have previously been eating take a large toll on the digestive system stealing needed energy from their whole body. I recommend starting the day with a vegetable, fruit and protein smoothie, then ending the day with a soup or gazpacho.

#3. Avoid dairy and gluten. So many people have intolerance to these products nowadays which can tax the digestive system and sometimes even effect hormones.I use healthy replacements for milk like almond, coconut, hemp, oat or quinoa. I prefer grains sans-wheat like buckwheat, quinoa, rice, and even make alternative breads from vegetables. I have a delicious squash pizza crust. / @Chrissy_Bullock

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Risse & PJDiets come with the assumption that once completed you can go back to your old ways of eating. This, as we know, will pack the weight and inches back on leaving you on a never-ending, dieting roller coaster. Instead, focus on these 3 lifestyle habits for long-term success:

#1. Drink your lemon water: All of our members start their day with 8-12 ounces of water with fresh lemon squeezed in it. This will hydrate you, detoxify the liver and boost your metabolism.

#2. Pump iron: Strength training boosts your lean muscle mass far better than cardio/aerobic training does and this, in turn, will make you a more efficient fat-burner. Lifting weights has also been proven to improve your mood, help aid in sleep, increase your bone density and improve your posture and core strength. Read your food labels. If you truly want to lose weight, and keep it off forever, then you have to pay attention to what you are putting into your body.

#3. Read your food labels and stay away from products that sound more like a science project and less like dinner. Know what are hidden sugars (there are over 50 other ways food manufacturer’s label sugar on their products), how many grams of saturated fat there is and what a serving size is. Better yet, by-pass those products all together and head to the produce section and fill your basket! / @gofitgals

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