50 Most Healthy Snacks For Kids

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Summer breaks and holidays are definitely fun time for kids but hectic for moms. The mom’s job is to provide a new and different experience to them each day whether it is in art, craft or food. Also, kids are extremely fussy eaters. It is a struggle for mothers to find snacks that are tasty and nutritious at the same time. On the other hand, make them something interesting with the same ingredients and they will happily eat it.

50 Best Healthy Snacks for Kids:


Kids usually have smaller appetite. They do not eat in one sitting, but like to eat more often. Instead of letting them reach for a bag of chips, offer them some healthy snacks instead. These munchies are as important as breakfast, lunch and dinner. A healthy and nutritious snacking will give them a lot of energy to grow into a healthy and strong adult. Snacking also keeps their blood sugar levels stable, preventing meltdown and tantrum.

1. Rice cake:

Rice cake has become a very popular snack in the recent times. Serve rice cake with a slice of fat free cheese for your kids. The cheese will increase the protein levels and will keep kids satiated.

2. Poppadum:

Poppadum is a crispy and circular wafer, commonly known as papad in India. Serve it with diced vegetables and chutneys for a hearty treat.

3. Toasted bread with cheese:

Plain toasted bread might not go down too well with the kids. Add a spoonful of flavored cheese spread and they will not disturb you until the next suppertime.

4. Chicken sandwich:

Chicken sandwich is another yummy snack that deserves it’s popularity. Serve the sandwich with a salsa dip as an accompaniment.

5. Celery with peanut butter:

Celery with peanut butter is another classic childhood snack. Take two stalks of fresh celery and top it with 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter. Peanut butter will provide the appetite satisfying protein to your kids.

6. Smoothie with low fat milk:

Kids go crazy over a glass of colorful smoothie. This tasty beverage is packed with several essential and tasty nutrients. Use nonfat yogurt and fresh fruit juice as the smoothie base. You can also add chopped fruits to your smoothie.

7. Fruit kebabs:

The fruit kebabs make a perfect summer time snacks for the kids. Serve the kebabs with yogurt and honey dips.

8. Pumpkin soup:

Serve a bowl of hearty and warm pumpkin soup to your kids on a chilly rainy or winter evening. A few humble ingredients will turn it into a satisfying meal.

9. Cheese muffin:

Cheese muffins are quick and easy to prepare. The muffin is loaded with fluffy cheese inside and has a crispy exterior. Serve it with a warm soup and your kids will lick it up.

10. Pikelet with jam or honey:

Pikelet is an easy to prepare after school snack. Make them in big batches and store them in the refrigerator for later. Serve the pikelets with jam or honey.

11. Hummus with pita bread:

Hummus is a tasty dip prepared from pureed chickpeas. The dip has an appealing nutty flavor and contains chock full of nutrients like folate, iron, and vitamin B6. Serve hummus with pita bread or fresh carrots.

12. Noodles:

Noodles are perfect for evening snacks to satiate your child’s hunger pangs. Toss the noodles with healthy vegetables or cooked chicken and tomato sauce. Make sure you use whole grain noodles for preparing this dish.

13. Pear:

Pear is a fiber rich fruit and is available all year. Stock different varieties of pear in your refrigerator and serve to the kids whenever they feel hungry. You can also serve it with cottage cheese.

14. Vegetable juice:

Serve your kids a glass of freshly squeezed vegetable juice after their long football or play sessions. It will provide instant energy boost for them.

15. Chunky chocolate and peanut cookies:

Which kid does not love cookies for an evening snack? Instead of purchasing high sugar and Trans fat variety from the stores, prepare them at home. You can also add raisin, cranberries and dried apricots to boost the nutritional value and make them more yummy.

16. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is loaded with fiber, making it a healthy and filling after school snack. Improve the taste of the oatmeal by adding cinnamon, raisins and low calorie butter.

17. Popcorn:

This wonderful and healthy snack can be prepared in a couple of minutes and is extremely filling as well due to the high amounts of fiber in it. Sprinkle some grated Parmesan cheese to dress up the popcorn.

18. Waffles:

Whole grain waffles will boost your iron and vitamin levels. Top it with low fat cream cheese or jelly for a refreshing change.

19. Berries:

Even the pickiest kids cannot resist a bowl of berries. Berries are naturally sweet and are an excellent way to sneak nutrition into your child’s diet.

20. Dried fruits:

Dried Fruits like raisins, dried mangoes, prunes, dried apricots, dried cherries are some healthy snacking options for kids. Purchase dried fruits that do not contain any added sugar.

21. Kale chips:

Kale chips are an excellent processed and salty snack substitute. In fact, they are much more nutritious and tasty than potato chips.

22. Granola bars:

Sweet and dried fruit loaded muesli bars are excellent for a health snack. Homemade granola bars are much healthier and cheaper than the ready made bars.

23. Roasted chickpeas:

Roasted chickpeas are not only easy to make. They are delicious and filling too.

24. Sweet Potato Chips:

Sweet potato is one of the healthiest vegetables you can serve for your kids. They are packed with vitamins A, B, C and folate. Sweet potato chips are a lot more nutritious than the regular potato chips. Make sure you prepare them at home with healthy oils.

25. Cheese:

The protein-rich snack will keep you full until dinner time. Make the cheese more interesting by cutting it into fun shapes with a cookie cutter. Serve cheese with whole grain crackers.

26. Peanut Butter:

The protein and fiber content in peanut butter will provide energy to the kids to carry on playing. Spread it on a toast or try it with yoghurt for a tasty treat.

27. Apples:

Apples are an easy on-the-go healthy snacking option. Sprinkle fresh blueberries and a spoon of low fat yogurt on cut apples for added treat and nutrition.

28. Orange cranberry muffins:

These fruity muffins are packed with fruits and their juice. You can also substitute the fruits with vegetables to make a yummy snack. Your kids will not even know about it.

29. Whole-wheat cereals with low fat milk:

A bowl of cereals and milk is a power packed snack to serve for your kids. It will provide your kids with vitamins, calcium and fiber.

30. Quesadillas:

Both kids and adults love Quesadillas. You can prepare it by adding chopped veggies, leftover chicken and even shrimps. Serve it with corn, beans and tomato salsa for a nutritional punch.

31. Yogurt:

Low fat or Greek yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and protein. Whip up a yogurt parfait or add some berries to beat the store bought yogurt.

32. Scrambled eggs:

A single egg provides a four-year-old, one third of his total protein requirement. Roll the scrambled eggs in a flour tortilla to serve.

33. Hard-boiled egg whites:

Snacking on hard-boiled eggs will give the kids ample boost to keep them from going hungry in-between meals. Eggs white contain high quality protein that has minimal impact on the blood sugar. Serve the hard-boiled eggs with cottage cheese for a quick snack.

34. Bread Pakoda:

Bread pakoda is a unique and healthy cottage cheese filled treat. Do not forget to serve tomato ketchup with the pakodas.

35. Green Peas Poha:

Poha is an all-time favorite snack among kids. Add some green peas to the poha to enhance it’s fiber value. The vitamin C present in poha will aid in the absorption of nutrients.

36. Pasta in Tomato Sauce:

Pasta is a favorite snack for the children. It is nutritious, delicious and will keep them full for a longer time.

37. Whole Nuts:

Nuts are nature’s perfect foods. They are highly nutritious and come packed with fiber, monounsaturated fats, protein and antioxidants.

38.  Veggies with Cottage Cheese:

Use healthy and nutritious cottage cheese as a dipping sauce for your vegetable crudités. Slice your kids favorite vegetables like carrots, baby carrots, celery, and pair them with a half cup of non-fat cottage cheese.

39. Sweet potato fries:

Sweet potato fries are an excellent alternative to the regular potato fries. They taste great dipped in the ketchup.

40. Fruit Salad:

A fruit salad is a healthy and tasty snacking option for the kids. Fruits contain several vitamins and minerals and are practically fat free. Eating several kinds of fruit will also please your kid’s palate.

41. Macaroni:

Cheese macaroni is a quick, easy and nutritious snack. It is rich, creamy and will please even the fussiest eaters.

42. Baked beans and toast:

Baked beans and toast is an ultimate fast food to prepare at home. The tomato flavored kidney beads sautéed with herbs taste amazing served on a toast.

43. Mini pizzas:

Pizza is a favorite snack of the kids. Prepare whole-wheat base and top it with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and herbs. This can be a fun activity for the kids too.

44. Banana pancakes:

These small sized banana pancakes are more of banana than pancakes. Your kids will love these tiny pancakes.

45. Bran Muffins:

Bran muffins are packed with nutrients and will satisfy your kid’s hunger as well.

46. Apple Pie:

Apple pie is another tasty and healthy snack that you can serve for the kids. You don’t need any special ingredient to prepare this dish.

47. Apple sauce:

Rich in essential nutrients, applesauce is a healthy snack. Stir in raisins and nuts to make it more palatable.

48. Spring rolls:

Spring roll is a delicious entrée and is extremely popular with the kids.

49. Fresh fruit juice:

Fruit juice is the easiest evening beverage for your kids. Make sure the juice is 100 percent fruit. Fruit juice is best prepared at home.

50. Frozen chocolate-covered bananas:

Kids love anything made from chocolate. Take a medium sized banana and dip in melted chocolate. Roll it in grated coconut, refrigerate it for a few minutes to make a tasty frozen treat.

Making kids happy can be a challenge for parents at times, but when you have such an extensive list on your hand, there is nothing for you to worry about. We would love to hear if you have any quick and easy snack recipes too. Do share your thoughts and your views in the comments section below.

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