How To Cure Herpes Naturally – 11 Best Natural Cure For Herpes



Do you know someone who has herpes? If you know, then you probably heard also about the complaining of its discomfort and pain. This viral infection can occur on the face or in the genital area.

But, do not be worried, there are some natural remedies that can help in the treatment of herpes. Here are some of them:

Treatments for herpes

Although there is no specific cure for herpes, doctors usually prescribe antibacterial drugs to mitigate herpes and prevent recurrence. However, the use of some of the natural remedies may also help to those who are struggling with herpes and relieve the symptoms of herpes. Here are a few natural remedies for herpes:

1. Green tea:

As most people know, green tea is known for its many benefits. It has strong antioxidant properties that help the body to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of herpes. Studies have shown that green tea also has anti- viral effects so naturopaths recommend a cup of green tea instead of coffee to people who have herpes.

Simply, cook the green tea and drink it daily to prevent the occurrence of herpes. Those who already have it will certainly feel great relief shortly after its consumption.

2. Alkaline foods:

By consuming alkaline (basic) food, the acidity in the body will be reduced and also the risk of getting herpes will be reduced. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and unblended cereals. You can also eat lean meats and foods rich in protein. However, avoid too much citrus fruit.

3. Ice:

Wounds which are caused by herpes infection may itch, sting and be painful. For this, use ice to ease the unpleasantness. On the wound place ice cube and the heat will immediately stop. You can wrap ice cubes inside cloth or towel and put it on the parts of the body where the outbreak of the herpes is. Before you re- use the towel or cloth, wash it off or disinfect it.

4. Hot water:

Hot water also helps in treatment of sores from herpes and reduces the unpleasant feeling. Soak the towel in hot water and cover the parts of the area where the outbreak of herpes is. Use a clean towel. Also you can pour few drops of antibacterial liquid inside the warm water.

5. Baking soda:

if your herpes sores begin to leak pus or ichor, you can easily dry them with baking soda. Baking soda will quickly dry out the surface of skin. Apply baking soda on the wound and around place balls from cotton. Each time use a new swab to prevent the spread of infection.

6. Control your stress:

Stress can cause increased levels of stomach acid which has a negative impact on the immune system. Herpes will easily occur to those with weak immune system. Therefore, try to reduce your stress levels. Try yoga, meditation and regular rest as much as you can to minimize daily stress.

7. Olive oil:

olive oil is not only good for cardiovascular health but also it can be used for treating herpes because it is proven that it has antibacterial effects. Simply, mix a little warmed olive oil with a few drops of lavender oil and adds a little bee wax. Warm this mixture and leave it to cool. Remove it from heat. Apply from the cooled mixture on the sores by using cotton wool. This will immediately relieve the pain and itching of sores.

8. Seaweeds:

Seaweed food can help to those people who have hepatitis. Studies have shown that the inclusion of brown algae in regular diet can significantly speed up the recovery process. If you insert red algae in your diet you will fight easier against herpes. Brown algae can be eaten with tofu or in many soups and similar dishes.

9. Certain plants:

Many plants that have strong antibacterial effects can help in the treatment of herpes. You can consume gel or ointment on the basis of lemon balm. A mixture of Chinese rhubarb and safe is also effective. Same applies for St. John’s wort.

10. Oil of tea tree:

Tea tree oil has been used since ancient times for variety of skin problems. It can be used to relieve symptoms and pain in the sores of herpes. Apply small amount of it on swab of cotton wool on the wounds. This will immediately relieve the pain.

11. Licorice root:

Licorice root can be very useful when it comes to treating herpes, you should better take it on the standard variant for better effect. Licorice root can be found in the form of a gel, pill or cream. You can use cream on the sores or paste of powder of pills mixed with water.

Though herpes may not be able to fully heal from these “home” medications, be sure that they will help you a lot in relieving the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, use them together with a prescribed therapy to recover as quickly as possible.

Recipe for herpes

Each of us very often is faced with herpes. They are itching us, they are painful and they are looking badly. Due to this reason, today we present you one recipe against herpes:


Balsam for herpes is made from 50 grams finely grinded and dried Lemon balm, 250 grams cold pressed olive oil and little amount of wax. First, place the lemon balm on heat with oil and boil it on heat for about half an hour. It should be sealed overnight and in the morning you should strain it, heat it and add to it 2- 3 scraps of wax. When the wax is melted and homogenized it should be collected in box.


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