MamaEarth Product Review

I have used several “safe” baby products for my daughter but always with doubts lurking at the back of my mind and one big question – Is it really safe for my baby? This is quite palpable since it is hard to trust these products that have so many artificial ingredients. In the sea of baby products, I came across something truly natural. This was MamaEarth Baby Care Essentials Combo. A few glances and I purchased the product right away and here I am writing a review on MamaEarth Babycare Products. This wonderful kit comes with essential everyday items needed for your baby’s upbringing and gives you a complimentary travel bag – all that with free shipping. What’s more that now you get a flat 25% discount on its price, which makes it a great value for money at Rs.1799. But what really impressed me about this package was the MadeSafe certification, which is an indicator that the products are baby safe and are made from top quality raw materials. It was the first time I felt convinced of having found a safe baby product for my daughter and purchased it immediately. So how was my experience? Quite good, indeed! 2 Massage Oil Insect Repellent


MamaEarth’s kit has six items made for babies viz. body wash, body lotion, mosquito repellent spray, sunscreen lotion, massage oil, and diaper rash cream. All are made from baby-safe natural ingredients and come in high-quality packaging. When it comes to the products they are just splendid! The thing you notice the moment you unscrew the cap is the total absence of chemical or synthetic fragrance, which you usually get from other baby products. All the products smell pleasantly natural and the lotions are completely non-greasy. I found the sunscreen lotion quite useful when taking my daughter outdoors. It gives you a peace of mind that your baby’s skin is safe from harmful UV rays and that she is protected by a lotion made from natural ingredients.

When it comes to everyday protection of my baby’s skin, then MamaEarth’s moisturizing lotion is just perfect. It leaves my little angel’s skin soft. I use it everyday along with MamaEarth no tear bodywash, which does not have parabens, mineral oil, or petroleum-based products that I fear can cause long-term negative effects on my baby’s delicate skin. The bathing routine is incomplete without some massage, especially before bedtime, and this is where I use the natural massage oil that is a mix of natural vegetable oils. Earlier, I noticed the visible irritation that my baby had to the smell of the products. But MamaEarth’s baby massage oil has no artificial fragrances and my daughter seems to enjoy the relaxing nature of getting a body massage with pure natural oils.

MamaEarth kit also comes with a diaper rash cream and an insect repellent spray. The diaper rash cream is just perfect for the times when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night crying due to the agony of diaper rashes. Scheduled application treats diaper rash completely. But there is something that is more perturbing to a parent than diaper rash and that is the risk of the baby getting bitten by pesky mosquitoes. Taking my daughter for a stroll in the park had become a predicament due to all the mosquitos swarming there but not anymore. Now I just spray some DEET-FREE insect repellent spray on her stroller and on clothes, which is enough to keep the mosquitos at bay.

Lastly, there is the travel bag that I can use to carry my baby’s necessary essential items such as her diapers, bottle, and napkins. All the MamaEarth’s products come in bottles with spillproof lids, which makes portability easy and I carry the kit every time I travel with my baby. It is one product that provides several benefits to the baby in a natural and chemical-free way. What more does a parent need? MamaEarth’s kit worked for my baby and should work for yours, too.


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