The Official HealthBeckon Comfy Mat Review

I was elated. I felt fresh and all charged up in the morning when I woke up. Now, what’s the big deal, everyone has a sound sleep, right? No, at least, I wasn’t having. I would turn and toss for a long time before I could fall asleep. And then it was quite a disturbed sleep.


Even when suffering from discomfort, I never realized that the problem was not with my body but with something on which I was resting. I couldn’t believe that a mattress could make so much difference that it was actually ruining my routine.


Coming back to where I began. How did the situation change for me? What makes me feel so elated now?

The answer is ComfyMat mattress! And why wouldn’t I share my happiness with you all?

ComfyMat mattress comes with a good blend of memory and high resilience (HR) foams, giving it the right ratio of comfort and firmness. In simple words, it is neither too hard nor soft. It is firm enough to support the body and smooth enough to take its shape. The mattress is simply well-designed to sink in with your body structure.

Let us go a bit deeper into the technical details of the product. The mattress comes with a three-layered foam.

The 2-inch top layer is made of the best-graded third generation memory foam. The foam was developed leveraging NASA technology that kept astronauts comfortable on board. The gel-based foam does not retain the heat transferred from your body. Thus, the mattress keeps you cool all night, without trapping your body heat!

The foam also has a minimum spring back time. What does this mean? Unlike any other mattress, ComfyMat gains its original shape soon after you are out of the bed. It is almost like you did not sleep on it all! Even if you sleep towards the end of the bed, no slip or slide down occurs.

The second layer is made of HR foam, while the third layer is made up of bonded foam. The HR foam ensures optimal support, ventilation, and elasticity. The mattress gets stability because of the bonded bottom foam. All these features certainly make ComfyMat the best among the available mattresses.


I am not yet done! Here are many more reasons, which made me opt for ComfyMat!

  • It is designed to create a hygienic sleep environment, as it is infused with aloe-vera gel.
  • It was big enough to accommodate me and my husband. When I slept on it, I felt like sleeping on a gentle and softer abode.
  • The best part is that the mattress comes in with an exciting deal! Try the mattress for 100 nights and return if you are not happy!
  • You will get your money back if returned within 100 days of purchase. Nothing can be more interesting than this! Irresistible deal isn’t it!



Its price is Rs. 19,999 on Amazon, India. I initially felt it was expensive for a mattress, but now I have no complaints at all! And I wouldn’t return it for anything, as what can be more precious than my sleep?

By the way, it has no shipping charges, since the product is shipped straight by the manufacturer to all the major cities in India.

The product comes with a ten-year warranty. It is the average life-span of the memory foam.

If you are longing for a sound sleep just like me, go for ComfyMat! Sleep like a baby and put your worries to rest!

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