Experts Says That This Oil Is Better Than Your Toothpaste! Unbelievable!

We are all aware that the way to have good oral hygiene lies with brushing and flossing, a smidgen of rinsing here and there and more than a few trips to the dental specialist.



Be that as it may, you can make this mixture at home. It is more powerful than toothpaste.

The preparation is so easy, everything you need is some coconut oil, baking powder and some food grade flavoring to taste, and you will have astounding homemade toothpaste that is preferable for you than anything you can see on the shelves at Walmart!

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Here is the best method to make your own particular Coconut oil toothpaste!

Prepare and clean a small jar with a tight cover. A baby food jar or little Mason jug will be sufficient.

Blend 1 part of Coconut Oil with 1 part of Baking Soda.

Add 3-5 drops of sweet orange, peppermint, or other food-grade essential oils to flavor.

Leave your paste to cool and set.


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