PediKlear Callous Remover: Is This New Foot-Care Product Worth Your Money?

Beautiful, callous and crack free feet is something that would interest the majority of our readers, but it feels like every time a new product comes out promising them just that… it falls short. PediKlear, however, is the new device that’s been making waves in this space, but is it merely hype… or will the PediKlear Callous Remover truly give you those soft, beautiful and smooth feet you desire? We got our hands on a unit and put it through it’s paces. Let’s see what we found out.


Box Contents:

Let’s start off with the packaging and contents. Inside the white box we find:

The PediKlear Callous Remover Itself

Replacement Head

Cleaning Brush

Safety Cap

The Design

The device feels very sturdy in the hand, and it is not a surprise considering it’s water resistant feature. The casing that holds the batteries is easy to remove, but we do wish that the required batteries were included in the bundle. Anyway, moving on to the Mineral Surface Head, as PediKlear calls it, it feels quite solid and rough, but I guess it’s usefulness will only be revealed through testing. So let’s move on.



First thing to note is that the device is pretty powerful. Upon switching it on and applying it to our feet, it was evident how quickly it reduced the dry skin on our heels into a fine dust. We first tested the PediKlear after soaking our feet and performance was in fact good. While we don’t recommend that you use this device as a one time magic fix-it-all, we are happy to state that even after one time use, results were in fact visible, with our feet noticeably softer, but even more, smoother to look at.

Dry use was much the same, with even more fine dust – once hard, rough and dead skin on our feet. Results were pretty much the same as with the wet feet test, which is to say good, though your mileage may vary on the wet/dry preference. Personally, I prefer wet use.

Conclusion: Although we would have liked to test the device more thoroughly, we can in fact say that it works, and works well (which is more than can be said for a few other similar products that our staff had tried in the past). We just wish it came with its own batteries – but other than that, it just works, and the results are plain to see.

Verdict: 8.5/10. Just remember to pick up batteries as well.

Final Words: The PediKlear Callous Remover doesn’t come cheap, like some of the other entrants into this space. But that’s because it’s not like any of the other entrants. It feels premium enough, is built sturdy and is water resistant – a big plus for me personally.

And the performance is on point. In both cases of wet and dry use, results were clear and immediate. The slight tickling feeling is worth it when you see the rough, unsightly and hard skin being filed away – leaving you with feet the kind of which I’ve not personally had for a long time.

We wish that the two AA batteries required came in the box, and the price could be off-putting for some, but other than that, two thumbs up from us.

Verdict: Efficient, Great Performance. Recommended.

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