14 Benefits Of Pomelo Fruit And Its Nutritional Value

Benefits Of Pomelo Fruit

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Pomelo is a large, citrus fruit, considered as an ancient ancestor of the grapefruit. Pomelo is grown in many Eastern countries, which include China, Japan, Thailand, Fiji and Malaysia. In Chinese culture, Pomelo is a sign of prosperity and good fortune. Pomelo is sweeter and milder in taste than grapefruit. It has a thick, green rind with pink, white or yellow flesh. Read on further to know some of the most popular uses of Pomelo fruit.


Pomelo Benefits for Health:

1. Urinary Tract Infection:

Increased consumption of Pomelo can help to fight urinary tract infection; a painful bacterial infection of the urinary system. Vitamin C in Pomelo increases the acid level in urine, inhibiting the development of bacteria in the urinary tract.

2. Heart Health:

Pomelo contains high levels of potassium, a mineral required for proper functioning of the heart. Potassium regulates blood pressure level and reduces bad cholesterol in the body. Pomelo juice also helps to clear arterial deposits in the body, thereby reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

3. Infection:

Consuming a serving of Pomelo daily can prevent free radicals from attacking the body. It stimulates the antibodies and immune cells to guard the body from bacteria that cause cold, flu, asthma and allergies.

4. Fights Cancer:

The skin of the Pomelo fruit is rich in bioflavonoids, an antioxidant that prevents intestinal, pancreatic and breast cancer. It eliminates excess estrogen from the body, preventing the cancer from spreading. It also contains high amounts of fiber, which protects the body from colon cancer.

Pomelo Benefits for Skin:

6. Turns Skin Young & Healthy:

Vitamin A present in Pomelo thickens the dermis and improves blood flow to the surface of the skin to reduce wrinkles. Regular consumption of Pomelo increases the deposition of collagen and slows the breakdown of collagen and elastin, helping the skin look young and healthy.

7. Aids Skin to Repair Itself:

Pomelo repairs the cellular structure of the epidermis to optimize UV protection to keep sun damage at bay. The enzyme found in Pomelo fortifies the skin and initiates wound recovery, helping the skin to repair itself.

8. Cures Acne & Pimples:

Regular consumption of Pomelo decreases clustering of melanin granules, reducing brown spots and pigmentation. Eating Pomelo also decreases sebum production in the skin to reduce acne and pimples.

9. Reverses Signs of Ageing:

Pomelo is rich in antioxidants, which helps to slow the rate of free radical damage. Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, consumption of Pomelo can help reverse the signs of ageing.

Pomelo Benefits for Hair:

10. Hair Growth & Health:

Pomelo contains several hair friendly nutrients like Vitamin A, C, B1 and zinc, which are beneficial for maintaining the health of the hair. It contains minerals like sulphur, calcium, iron, zinc and calcium, which are needed for hair growth

11. Fights Dandruff:

The high water content in Pomelo keeps the scalp hydrated and well moisturized. Vitamin C in Pomelo fights bacteria and soothes the skin of the scalp to ward off dandruff.

12. Prevents Hair Thinning:

Free radicals can damage the hair follicles by making them weak, thin and brittle. The antioxidants present in Pomelo scavenge the free radicals and minimizes their effect in the body.

13. Promotes Strong & Thick Hair:

Regular consumption of Pomelo juice improves blood circulation and strengthens hair capillaries. This promotes strong and thick hair.

14. Reverses Adrenal Fatigue:

Pomelo helps to reverse Adrenal fatigue, a condition which causes severe hair loss in women. Adrenal glands are required for maintaining proper hormonal balance and encourage hair growth.

Uses Of Pomelo:

  • Pomelo fruit can be eaten raw like sweet lemon. Slice the fruit horizontally into two halves and scoop out the flesh using a spoon. The fruit section of Pomelo is a great addition to salads, desserts and sorbets. The skin of the Pomelo can be to make marmalade.
  • Pomelo juice is a very popular beverage in China and America. While extracting the juice, you can combine Pomelowith other citrus fruit to enhance its taste. Pomelo juice is used in Southern Chinese cuisine for flavoring soups and desserts.
  • Pomelo is also used in the preparation of jams, jellies and syrups.

Pomelo Nutritional Facts:

NutrientUnitValue per 100.0g 1.0 cup, sections190g1.0 fruit without refuse 609g
Total lipid (fat)g0.040.080.24
Carbohydrate, by differenceg9.6218.2858.59
Fiber, total dietaryg1.01.96.1
Calcium, Camg4824
Iron, Femg0.110.210.67
Magnesium, Mgmg61137
Phosphorus, Pmg1732104
Potassium, Kmg2164101315
Sodium, Namg126
Zinc, Znmg0.080.150.49
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acidmg61.0115.9371.5
Vitamin B-6mg0.0360.0680.219
Vitamin B-12µg0.000.000.00
Vitamin A, RAEµg000
Vitamin A, IUIU81549

Pomelo is a rarity in India and is not grown on a large scale commercially. It is very difficult to find Pomelos in your neighbourhood fruit market. But various specialty grocery stores do keep a stock of these amazing fruits.

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