KREA Easy Curler Pro Review By Health Beckon

Overall rating: 4.5/5

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For years women have struggled to curl their hair with rollers, irons, chopsticks or whatever new fad got trendy on Youtube. Amidst this chaos, there was a serious need for a tool that gives you great results while making the whole curling process a little less intimidating. No newbie wants to fiddle around with a hot rod right? More so for fashion enthusiastic women who wanted a little change once in awhile but had to depend on a stylist for some simple curls. Seems unfair, right?

To shell out Rs.1000 – Rs.1500 for simple hairstyles each time only because you didn’t have the right tools to do it at home. Even if it wasn’t about the money, this is a great tool to have on hand when you don’t have the luxury of a last minute trip to the stylist. And so, KREA Easy Curler Pro was introduced to Indian women.

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Main Features

Automated curling “Feed” the curler your hair, clamp down until you hear beeps and release to get a perfect curl.

Intelligent spooling automation: sucks in the hair into a curl chamber and creates a curl with no exposure of the hot barrel or hair. The curling happens inside a closed space and hair is evenly heated for a perfect curl.

It has 3 settings for temperature, curl type and curl direction. This allows a lot of flexibility with hairstyles.
It’s meant for safe and easy curling- avoiding burns on the exposed areas like the scalp, sides of the face, ears neck and hands. It can be safely said there is 0% risk of burning skin with this tool

How this works – Hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is gently heated from all sides to form a perfect curl.

It has 3 timer settings (8,10 and 12 seconds) for different curl effects (Wavy, Medium Curl and Tight Curls) respectively. It also has Curl direction control, three settings that help you choose Left/Right/Alternate. Change setting to L while curling the left side of the hair. And change to R when curling the right side. Alternate, if you want a natural finish.


Safe and easy way of curling hair. No burn risk means it was an overall no stress experience. In our opinion, it’s a great tool to have handy at home or even in salons.

The machine has many ways to guide you, a warning of quick beeps will tell you if you’ve put in too much hair. That is an excellent safety mechanism to avoid hair being tangled or stuck.

3 step easy curling method-

  1. Pick a 1/2″ or 1″ section and comb through to remove tangles.
  2. Place it in the chamber neatly and clamp the handles together.
  3. Release when you hear a quick series of beeps to indicate the curl is ready.

The curl direction control is a blessing. Allows you to get curls away from your face, framing it. the natural finish option is also great for those who prefer it.

The three timer settings are on point- 8 secs for a loose curl, 10 secs for a medium curl and 12 seconds for a tight, ringlet like curl.

Very, very idiot-proof.


NOT GREAT FOR VERY SHORT OR VERY LONG HAIR: Works well for all hair lengths except pixie cuts or bobs that are above the ear. A rule of thumb here is if you have shoulder length hair or longer hair this works for you. If you have hair that runs below your waist you might have difficulty getting tight curls.

It might be a bit confusing for first timers.

It takes time to curl all your hair because you take only 1/2 inch or 1 inch sections every time.

Would recommend: Yes

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