31 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

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Suffering from body aches? Grind a tablespoon of roasted sesame seeds and heat in a little oil with two cloves of crushed garlic and two camphor and massage to ease the pain. That is the magic hidden in these tiny, crunchy seeds. Be it your cookies or salads, these delicate, nutty flavoured seeds offer you numerous benefits.


Available in white, black, and brown variants, sesame seeds can be consumed in raw, dried, as well as roasted forms. While the white ones are wonderful sources of calcium, black ones are rich in iron. Be it your diabetes, blood pressure, or menstrual cycle, these seeds have proven themselves to be have positive impacts. Here is a short, comprehensive guide that will help you to know about sesame seeds in detail.

The Indian Connect:

Sesame, in India, has been a major cultivar since the Harappan period. It has various names in various languages – til in Hindi, Tila and raashi in Oriya, ellu in Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada and Nuvvulu in Telugu! Widely used as a cooking ingredient in Indian cuisines, the nutritive and preventive properties of these oval seeds have been accepted and admired since time immemorial. The golden hued thick sesame seed oil, also known as gingelly oil, is a good source of various nutrients, including flavonoid, phenolic antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, dietary fibre, and vitamins.

USDA Nutrition Chart Of Sesame Seeds:


Sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum), whole, dried,
Nutritional value per 100 g.
(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)
PrincipleNutrient ValuePercentage of RDA
Energy573 Kcal29%
Carbohydrates23.45 g18%
Protein17.73 g32%
Total Fat49.67 g166%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Dietary Fiber11.8 g31%
Folates97 µg25%
Niacin4.515 mg28%
Pantothenic acid0.050 mg1%
Pyridoxine0.790 mg61%
Riboflavin0.247 mg19%
Thiamin0.791 mg66%
Vitamin A9 IU<1%
Vitamin C00%
Vitamin E0.25 mg2%
Sodium11 mg1%
Potassium468 mg10%
Calcium975 mg98%
Copper4.082 mg453%
Iron14.55 mg182%
Magnesium351 mg88%
Manganese2.460 mg107%
Phosphorus629 mg90%
Selenium34.4 µg62.5%
Zinc7.75 mg70%
Carotene-ß5 µg
Crypto-xanthin-ß0 µg
Lutein-zeaxanthin0 µg

 Sesame Seeds Benefits for Skin :

Along with being storehouses of antioxidants, these seeds are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, phosphorus, iron, omega 6, calcium, vitamins B and E – all which play various significant roles in keeping the skin healthy and beautiful.

1. Natural anti-inflammatory agents:

Sesame seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an innate healing agent. The antibacterial properties helps in fighting various bacteria, including staphylococcus, streptococcus, and athlete’s foot fungus, affecting the skin. A mixture of sesame seed oil and lukewarm water is an effective home remedy for vaginal yeast infections.

2. Home remedy for sunburns:

Ease out those tans from the harsh sun by massaging yourself with sesame seed oil. Along with shielding your skin from UV rays prompted damages, the oil also helps in combating signs of premature ageing, including wrinkles. Regular topical application of sesame oil for skin combats the free radicals, thereby preventing skin cancer.

3. Detoxifies your skin:

The antioxidants present in sesame oil helps in detoxifying your skin. The antioxidants absorb all those water-soluble toxins, thus enabling detoxification. Prepare a concoction by mixing in ½ cup sesame oil with ½ cup apple cider vinegar and ¼ cup water. Wash your face regularly with this for a detoxified glowing skin.

4. A natural massage oil for baby skin:

Baby skins are ultra soft and tender like rose petals, and hence calls for special attention. Massaging the infants with sesame seed oil will strengthen their bones at the same time keep the skin hydrated and glowing. Add a few drops warm sesame seed oil to 1 tsp turmeric powder and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the diaper rashes and see those rashes vanishing in no time.

5. For a healthy, glowing skin:

Along with healing the cuts and bruises, the oil extracted from these seeds render a astonishing level of suppleness and softness to your skin, thereby keeping it safe from cracks. It can be applied on face regularly to keep it hydrated, clean, and glowing. Rich with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the oil helps in preventing acne and pimple breakouts.

6. Home remedy for cracked heels:

Dab sesame oil, generously, each night before sleeping and wearing socks. This must be repeated for some days to get the most soft and supple feet.

Sesame Seeds Benefits for Hair:

Sesame seed contain many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are required for the scalp and hair maintenance. Sesame oil is also beneficial for your scalp to combat many scalp problems.

7. Stimulates hair growth:

Sesame seed are replete with essential fatty acids – omega-6, omega-3, and omega-9 – all that stimulate hair growth. Along with nourishing the scalp and promoting follicular production, the oil of sesame seeds keep the hair hydrated. Massage your hair with warm sesame oil regularly to penetrate in the scalp to increase blood circulation. This acts as a vitamin to feed the hair shafts.

8. Prevents scalp problems:

Sesame seed contain minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for the healthy scalp. Massage the scalp with its oil every day to get rid of dryness, flakes, and clogged pores that trigger hair thinning and loss. This also has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties to treat scalp infections and soothe the irritated scalp.

9. Natural sunscreen for hair:

Apply a coat of this oil before stepping out into the hot sun to protect your tresses from the damages caused by UV rays and pollution.

10. Deeply conditioning your colored hair:

Sesame oil help in deep conditioning your dry, damaged, split ends or hair that has been chemically treated. This can also restore the moisture and strengthen the hair shaft, thus enabling dull hair regain its bounce, elasticity, shine, and smoothness.

11. Improves hair color:

The anti-graying properties of sesame seed oil is well-known and that is why it is regularly applied on hair to deepen its natural color. Give your hair a daily dose of this oil by massaging a little on your scalp and hair.

12. Improves blood circulation to the scalp:

Massaging scalp can improve the blood circulation, thereby promoting hair growth. Along with that, the better penetration of this oil also safeguards your hair from assorted chemical treatments your tresses are prone to.

13. Treats lice:

When used with other essential oils, sesame seed oil can cure head lice. Massage regularly with the oil and rinse off with a herbal anti-lice shampoo for better benefits. Sesame oil has antibacterial properties that will help in keeping fungal and bacterial infections from affecting scalp at bay.

14. Treats Dandruff:

Massage with sesame oil into your scalp with the fingertips before hitting your bed and rinse in the morning to combat dandruff. For best and effective results, use sesame oil every day for 30 days.

Sesame Seeds Benefits for Health:

These crunchy, oval-shaped seeds offer a wide range of health benefits. From preventing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases to promoting bone health, sesame seeds provide you a host of health benefits.

15. A good source of protein:

These tiny seed are innately blessed with good protein levels. 100 grams of sesame seeds contain 18 grams of protein which makes up to 32% of RDA requirement. That is one of the key reasons why it could be used as an inevitable nut in your kid’s diet.

16. Prevents diabetes:

These seeds are good sources of magnesium as well as various other nutrients. All these together enable sesame to lower the levels of glucose in blood, thereby thwarting the risk of diabetes. People suffering from diabetes can choose sesame seed oil for cooking.

17. Natural cure for anemia:

The black sesame seeds are powerhouses of iron. That is why they are one of the most recommended home remedies for anemia as well as other iron-deficient problems. Roast handful of black sesame seeds and powder it along with a little jaggery. Shape it into small balls and munch. Along with the seeds, jaggery also will help in improving the levels of iron.

18. Prevents cardiovascular disease:

Sesame seeds oil can help in preventing atherosclerotic lesions and hence, it is very beneficial for your heart’s health. Sesamol, an antioxidant present in sesame seeds, exhibits anti-atherogenic properties that helps to improve cardiovascular health. Sesame seed is rich source of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that can lower bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol in your body, thus preventing coronary artery diseases and heart stroke.

19. Innate anti-cancerous properties:

Sesame seeds contain magnesium, a mineral that has a rich anti-cancerous reputation. These also contain an anti-cancer compound known as phytate. The synergic actions of these ingredients make sesame seeds reduce the risk of colorectal tumors and, even preventing their onset.

20. Good digestive health:

Sesame seed aid in good digestive system and the colon, as they are good sources of fiber. Fiber helps in smoothening the functioning of your intestine, facilitating the flushing out of waste, and thus offering guaranteed relief from constipation.

21. Eases rheumatoid arthritis symptoms:

Sesame seed contains copper, the trace mineral which is abundant with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant enzyme systems. These systems possess the power to reduce swelling and pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. This mineral also strengthens the bones, blood vessels, and body joints.

22. Prevents respiratory disorders:

The presence of magnesium in sesame seeds can lower the risk of asthma and other respiratory related disorders by reducing airway spasms.

23. Protects DNA from radiation triggered damages:

Sesamol, the antioxidant present in sesame seeds and its oil, helps in combating free damage triggered by free radicals, thus safeguarding the DNA from damages triggered by radiation. This can also reduce the damage risk to your spleen.

24. Promotes bone health:

Sesame seeds contain zinc in admirable amounts, a mineral that stimulates mineral density of the bone and its health. A deficiency in zinc is linked to onset of osteoporosis. Sesame seeds also contain calcium that is essential for bone health.

25. Maintains oral health:

Sesame seed and its oil can help in maintaining oral health by removing dental plaque and teeth whitening. Gargling regularly with sesame seed oil can lower streptococcus mutants present in teeth and mouth saliva.

26. Cure for hangover:

Consume a handful of white sesame seeds will help you with your hangover. Sesamin of sesame seeds helps in overcoming the effects of alcohol by enhancing the functioning of liver in breaking down and detoxifying alcohol.

27. Natural stress-buster:

Bust your stress with these tiny munches. The antispasmodics magnesium and calcium regulate muscle functioning, while improving nerve impulse transmission.. Thiamin, a natural calming agent, helps with good nerve functioning. Sesame seeds also contain tryptophan, an amino acid that helps in serotonin secretion. Serotonin is essential to lower pain and regulate sleep pattern. In short, munching on sesame seeds regularly could actually help you lead a stress-free life.

28. Lowers cholesterol levels:

Black sesame seeds are copious with sesamin and sesamolin – both belonging to the fiber group, lignans. Lignans are well-known for their cholesterol lowering properties. Black sesame seeds also contain the plant compounds, phytosterols, possessing cholesterol-like structures. Hence, including these seeds in your diet could definitely help you do away with high blood cholesterol levels, at the same time shield you from the risk of cancer.

29. Improves eye health:

As per traditional Chinese medications, eyes and liver shared a very cordial relationship. It was believed that liver could store blood, and branches of liver delivered blood to eye, enabling its proper functioning. Black sesame seeds is a natural tonic for liver that enables better flow to blood, which, in turn is believed to nourish eyes. These therapeutic effects can also treat blurred vision, tired and sore eyes. Regularly massaging your eye lids with sesame seed oil could help in erasing those dark circles and wrinkles.

30. Overall nourishment:

Black sesame seeds are known to boost energy levels, nourishes brain, and slow down the ageing process. Consuming these seeds regularly can help you combat backache, painful joints, and joints weakness in a better way.

31. Good for pregnant women and fetus:

Rich with folic acid, sesame seeds make an excellent supplement for pregnant mothers. Folic acids help in the proper DNA synthesis in fetus and add to the health of a pregnant mother. The iron-infused black seeds help in thwarting of pregnancy-triggered anemia, while the calcium-rich whites are good for maintaining calcium levels during pregnancy. However, it is advisable to keep your hands off these nutrition powerhouses during initial stages of pregnancy as they are known to induce abortion.

Side Effects Of Sesame Seeds:
  • People who are allergic to nuts such peanuts, walnuts, etc. must avoid sesame seeds consumption.
  • Always check the food labels to verify if sesame seeds are present in food items.

While there are countless benefits rendered by sesame seeds, in the form of seeds as well as oil, it is always advisable to check with your doctor if you are using these for the first time.


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