These Are The Silent Signs Of a Heart Attack That You Mustn’t Ignore!

Maybe you did not know, but the human body is able to send warning signs of a heart attack several days, even weeks, before it actually happens. However, you should learn to recognize the symptoms.


These Are The Silent Signs Of a Heart Attack That You Mustn’t Ignore!

Professors from the Duke University found that more than 60 percent of those people who have experienced a heart attack, did not know the symptoms well, which alerted them about their deteriorated health condition in the meantime. Every fourth stroke is, in general, “a silent killer.”

Very often, people do not recognize these symptoms and thus in the last five years, the mortality rate has increased alarmingly.

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The most common symptoms of this fatal disease are abdominal pain, indigestion, fatigue and acute back pain.

Also, sharp pain in some other part of the body, except the breasts, can easily point to a future heart attack. Such pains often attack the upper arm, back, neck, jaw and even the stomach.

However, patients usually ignore the pain in the muscles, which lasts shortly and do not fear it may be dangerous for their lives.

According to doctors, these pains may periodically appear and disappear up to a month before one experiences a heart attack.

Pain in other parts of the body is the most common symptom of heart attack in women, and rarely in men.

Women often feel nausea and sweating, which can also be a sign of a heart attack, especially if they occur in combination with other symptoms.

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If you feel some pains in the chest or you notice that the mentioned symptoms repeat often, you should immediately go to the doctor.


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