Do You Sleep With Your Mobile Phone Beside You? Research Shows Why That Might Be DANGEROUS To Your BRAIN.

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I had this habit of sleeping with my mobile phone beside. And my mother always used to shout at me for that. ‘Radiation’, she said. I never took her words very seriously. What kind of harm a tiny mobile phone is going to bring to me, I thought. At that time I believed terms like ‘radiation’ and ‘cancer’ were only limited to nuclear reactors and devastating diseases spreading in an era of apocalypse. But here I was, away from the extremities of the world, safely tucked in my bed. What can happen to me? I thought.


Not until I came across a report by the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer which states it is estimated that there are around 5 billion mobile phone subscriptions around the world. It also says that the radiation emitted from mobile phones is possibly carcinogenic and might affect the brain.


Further Research

A study conducted by the National Cancer Institute drew comparisons of cell phone usage between people who were suffering from brain tumours and people who weren’t.

In another study, a large number of people were observed over a period of time and the health conditions of those who used cell phones were compared with those who didn’t.

The conclusions of these studies couldn’t provide clear evidence about the link between brain cancer and cell phone usage. But on the contrary, there has been some statistical evidence in this regard gathered from the observation of certain groups of people.


What Can Be Done?

Refraining from the use of mobile phones is something that’s not going to happen. Communication is the most important part of survival, and in today’s technology based era, a person without a mobile phone is virtually disconnected from the world.

So what can be done in order to reduce the harm from mobile phone usage? Here are 8 ways in which you can protect yourself without having to dump your cell phone.


1. Keep Your Mobile Away During Sleep

Yes, you love your mobile phone and can’t do without it. But hey, good health is more important, right? Mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation. And sleeping with your phone beside will give you an all night long exposure to disease causing radiation.

Seriously, you like that?


2. Don’t Encourage Your Kids To Use Mobile Phones

When I was small, my play area was the ground outside my house. Playtime consisted of running, climbing trees, swinging etc. But times have changed, haven’t they? Now children are born with their fingers swiping the screens of smart-phones. Outside world is almost forgotten. Have we become advanced? Maybe not. Maybe we have become slaves to advanced technology.

Mobile phones and other electronic devices, in addition to killing the sweet innocence of childhood, also pose a greater health threat to them. Children’s skulls are thinner and tender. If cell phone radiation can cause agony to us adults, what would happen to them?


3. Keep Mobile Conversations Short

I bet there would have been times in your life when you would have spent hours with your mobile stuck to your ear. Irrespective of whoever you were talking to, it is fine to cut short your conversation and call back sometime later. The sky is not going to fall down and the world is not going to end. But your health is going to deteriorate for sure if you keep chatting without any break.


4. Switch Sides While Talking

You know what’s worse than talking on your mobile phone for long hours? Talking without switching sides. Any radiation from your mobile phone can be reduced if you alternately hold your phone between your left and right ears. Also, hold your phone at a distance from your ears till the reciever picks the call. It has been found that cell phones emit maximum radiation during the beginning of a call, when the connection is getting established.


5. Hello. You Forgot Texting?

In case you think calling a person is the only way to communicate with them, then I would like to remind you of texting. Now, you forgot that, didn’t you? With social networking platforms like Whatsapp and Hike taking the front seat, there are ample ways you can stay in touch with your near and dear ones. And that too, without incurring the wrath of radiation.


So the next time your mother asks you to keep your phone at a distance, listen to her. You will listen, won’t you?


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