5 Statement Pieces Every Kitchen Must Have

In our grandmom’s times, the kitchens were located in the house courtyards. However, we moved towards urbanization, and finding open spaces became a challenge, forcing planners and city developers to build housing units that were compact yet comfortable. Though kitchens moved indoors, the culinary workstation continued to occupy a significant place in the pads.



Today they have gone on to become modular, open and swish. It is a trend nowadays to do up the kitchen with modern appliances. They not only make cooking simple but also look elegant on the slab. So here are top 5 statement pieces your kitchen must have.

Food Processor

Whether you want to whip up a cake, make dough for the “chapattis” or cut vegetables for a healthy plate of salad, food processor is an essential appliance. The equipment comes with a variety of blades and attachments that make the tedious task of chopping, shredding and mincing fun. Many people buy a food processor but hardly use it. Make sure that the processor you buy is not just a novelty resting in the kitchen cabinet. Consider the number of attachments it has, and how it will ease your work in the kitchen on a day to day basis. Before buying a food processor read the buying guide which helps to select the right one for you.

Juicer Machine

Processed breakfast items like cereals, breakfast bars, and packaged fruit juices have become quite popular amongst office-goers and college goers. These easy to fix breakfast menus may read healthy on the labels, but in actuality are laden with sugar and preservatives. Long-term consumption of such food can be detrimental to health, which is why it is wise to invest in a Juicer Machine. The health benefits of a freshly squeezed juice of your favorite vegetable or fruit are much more than the pre-packed ones. Moreover, Juicer Machine available these days are far more technologically advanced. One such example is the Kent Cold Pressed Juicer that retains nutrients and fibers and produces more juice. This Juicer Machine also makes less noise and is not very bulky is size. Just stack it up on the kitchen counter and enjoy a healthy glass of juice every morning.

Cooktop and Oven

Built in cooktop and oven is an essential piece for a modern kitchen. Compact and easy to use, this gas range allows you to cook traditional meals on the top, and in case you want to bake or try out exotic dishes like lasagna, pie or loaf, you can use the oven at the bottom. The advantage of cooktop and oven is that your counter top will look less cluttered and neat. And just in case you are a serial baker, a cooktop and an oven are what you need in your kitchen.

Electric Kettle

For morning tea or lemon and honey drink ritual, you need hot water. While most of us heat water on the gas stove, using an electric kettle will make things much easier. Just fill it with water and turn on the button and go about doing your thing, while the water heats up. You don’t want to worry about wasting electricity as the kettle will automatically turn off, once the water boils. The electric kettle comes with a comfortable handle that will allow you to pour water in the cup without spilling. It’s a must buy and overtime you will realize how easy it is to boil water in a jiffy.

Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is a must have in every kitchen. Although predominantly used to prepare rice, this appliance is a rather versatile piece. You can steam vegetables, dumplings and make a variety of dishes like halwa, biryani and even cook dal or boil eggs in it. The best advantage of a rice cooker is that it is an automated kitchen appliance and shuts off on its own once the rice or any other food item is cooked. It does not consume a lot of electricity and increases efficiency in the kitchen.

Kitchen appliances are built to make working in the kitchen efficient and easy. Given the hectic lifestyle, most often we shy away from cooking meals at home because cooking is perceived to be a tedious task. However, with these equipment, you will not feel the burden. So go ahead, grace your kitchen with these appliances and have fun preparing healthy, nutritious meals for your family.

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