This Video Will Actually Show You Why Removing Pomegranate Seeds Is AWESOME FUN!


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Pomegranate seeds are known for their high juice content and relishing taste. It is one of my favourite fruits, and as summer arrives all I do is grab a basket of pomegranates and settle in my couch!


That is how much I love them!

But there is something else in them which I don’t really fancy. It is the seeds. I mean, the process of removing them from the fruit before munching them is tedious. Sometimes the mere thought of removing those seeds discourages me from eating pomegranates at all.

Thank Goodness though! Before my penchant for pomegranates completely vaporized, I came across this awesome video which taught me how to remove pomegranate seeds from the fruit…with amazing ease.

This is what you require: A pomegranate, one large bowl, a kitchen knife and a ladle.

The process is quite simple:

  • Run the kitchen knife over the centre and all around the pomegranate, so that you cut through the surface of the fruit.
  • Now using your hands rip the fruit into two equal halves.
  • Take one half of the fruit and overturn it over the large bowl. Strike the top half with the ladle. The seeds will rain down into the large bowl without any effort.
  • Do the same with the other half and relish the fruit!

Pomegranates have some amazing health benefits; though generally despised for the boring seed-removing process, the host of advantages it has makes it one of the most sought after fruits.

1. Prevents Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the major killers of today. Pomegranates increase the oxygen levels in heart and make it much stronger and robust. They also enhance the flow of blood and make it easy for the heart to pump to all other parts of the body.

2. Rich Source Of Antioxidants

We know what antioxidants do. They free the body from the harmful and disease-causing free radicals. They also boost our body’s immunity and resistance against ailments.

In addition to all this, antioxidants also make us look and feel much younger. Pomegranates contain loads of them; about 3 times the antioxidants found in green tea.

3. Treats Acne And Pimples

If acne and pimples are the most troubling issues in today’s teens, then ironically, pomegranates are one of the most neglected fruits amongst them.

Acne or pimples are the result of improper digestion or inadequate circulation of blood. Pomegranates play a vital role in rectifying digestive issues and improving blood circulation. Naturally this aids in the treatment of acne.

4. Protects Hair

Show me a bunch of people and I bet majority of them will have some hair problem. So to say, hair fall and other hair related problems are one of the most common in the world. What is also common is people’s negligence towards pomegranates.

Pomegranates strengthen the hair follicles and make your hair thick and healthy.

5. Good For Skin

The high concentration of iron in pomegranates is what makes it really good for the skin. High amounts of iron facilitate oxygen flow throughout the body, making the skin much radiant and healthy.

Pomegranate juice acts as a good skin toner too. Dip a cotton ball into pomegranate juice and rub it over your skin for instant freshness.

In addition to all this, pomegranates also help heal wounds faster and aid in skin regeneration. The fruit also plays a role in removing dead skin.

I guess after all this, you won’t ever again say no to pomegranates, would you?!

And oh yes, believe me. This super-fruit has many other unbelievably surprising benefits to offer! WANT TO KNOW what they are?

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