What’s Up, Doc?” – Crazy Ways Technology Is Changing How We Interact With Doctors!



Way back in 1960, a man named Dashrath Manjhi decided to carve a mountain using just a hammer and a chisel. And 22 years later, the distance between his village and the nearest medical center is 40 kilometers lesser.

As we take a bow to his perseverance, we also look at the changing trends in healthcare today. With the dramatic rise in technology, no mountain can stop you from accessing immediate medical attention. We have apps, websites, etc., that allow you to book a doctor’s appointment online. But there’s more.

In this post, we talk about how online doctor consultations are changing the game. Keep reading to know more!


  1. No Boundaries

Literally. Wherever you are. Whether it is a cardiologist in Chennai who you want to consult, or a dietitian from Kolkata whose advice you want to take – you can do it right from the cozy comfort of your couch.

You might as well be staying in the remotest of locations – if you are able to read this post living there, you definitely can get medical attention.


  1. Economical

In the time when medical attention seems to get perennially expensive, anything that can cut costs is a boon. Coming to that, online consultations and apps are far ahead in the race. An average doctor visit might cost you Rs. 500 to Rs. 800 (travel expenses excluded, by the way). An online consultation could cost you way less. And hey, no overheads.


  1. Round the clock support

Illness doesn’t send prior notice, does it? What if there is an emergency in the middle of the night and you are not in a position to travel? A scary situation, right? With online doctor consultations, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of. Almost all online health service providers offer 24-hour access to doctors. You even have the luxury of receiving medical attention right at your home.


  1. Easily Access Your Medical Records

At times, carrying your medical records whenever you visit a doctor can get cumbersome. You also need to keep a tab on the reports you need to take. With online consultation, things get simpler. You can store all of your medical records online and access them with a click of a button for future reference.


  1. Prompt Medical Attention

Waiting for the doctor’s appointment in long queues has almost become a thing of the past. Thanks to technology, you now have access to healthcare facilities at your fingertips. And you can access it right away.


With online doctor consultations, you will never ever have to postpone that visit to your doctor, ever again!

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